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Keno Knowledge Base:

Hey guys, and welcome to the Keno Knowledge Base!

In this section I cover EVERYTHING you ever would want to know about Keno. This is for all you Keno fans looking for more, and also for all you potentially new Keno players with a lot of questions.

If you’re an experienced Keno pro or even a beginner, this is a great section to get started. I’m adding content regularly dealing with all the Keno questions I get.

Also if you are a bingo player and wondering about dabbling with Keno? Then read my article on why Keno is the perfect game for bingo players. It’s a very easy transition.

Casino Games Strategy

Along with Keno, I also offer advice on other casino games. Here is the current list:

Keno Tutorial / How To Play Keno

A nice easy guide for those looking to play Keno. I cover all of the basics and explain the game as well as provide a step by step guide to playing Keno, either online or offline.

Keno Tutorial

Keno Lingo, Glossary and Terminology

If you’re playing Keno for the first time you may be confused by some of the words or phrases people and websites use. Don’t be – our glossary of all Keno Lingo will have you covered so you can fake your way like a seasoned Keno pro!

Keno Terminology

Progressive Jackpot Keno Online

What’s better than Keno? Progressive Jackpot Keno of course! The lure of a huge progressive jackpot when playing Keno is too hard to ignore. In this article Dr. Keno covers all of the progressive jackpot Keno games online.

Online Progressive Jackpot Keno

3 Real Money Alternatives To Keno

The one issue with Keno is that there are not too many revolutionary changes to each Keno game. In this article I go into detail about three alternatives to Keno which traditionally, Keno players enjoy.

3 Alternatives To Keno

Keno Etiquette:

If you’re wanting to play Keno in a casino – a live casino that is, there’s quite a few etiquette lessons you need to learn. Keno is frequented by a lot of players who play constantly and you don’t want to do the wrong thing and tick them off!

Keno Etiquette

Best Strategy for Keno:

If you’re looking to play Keno either online or offline you really should go in with some sort of strategy. I discuss the best strategies for Keno in this article.

Keno Strategy

10 Common Mistakes New Keno Players Make:

If you are a new Keno player, be sure to read this article first to cover 10 common mistakes that most new keno players will make.

10 Cmommon Keno Mistakes

Play at Different Casinos:

A trick to being able to play your favourite keno game, but at different casinos claiming multiple deposit bonuses!

Play at Different Casinos

Keno Odds:

Wondering what the odds are of catching 20 numbers? Or what about 12 numbers? In this article I go in-depth about the odds of winning when playing Keno.

Keno Odds

History of Keno & Multi Card Keno:

Want to know how Keno originated and progressed through the years? Want to know when Multi Card Keno first became a “thing”? In this article I go into detail about the history of Keno both offline and online.

History of Keno

Why People Play Keno:

I know a lot of people who don’t exactly “get” Keno or understand the fun behind it – in this article I go ahead and explain that and break down the game of Keno to help you get the maximum enjoyment out of it.

Why People Play Keno

Best Keno Casinos for Canadians:

In this article I break down the best online casinos for Canadian Keno players. I talk about the features at each casino, and why exactly it is best for Canadians for example deposit options, using the Canadian dollars etc.

Best Casinos for Canadians

Keno Variations:

I break down the various variations you can find online of Keno, such as Single Card Keno and Multi Card Keno, then talk about the differences in them in this article about Keno variations.

Keno Variations

Best Keno Numbers To Pick:

Not sure what the best numbers to pick are when playing at Keno? In this article I go through this, covering all of the potential number groups that most people usually pick from.

Best Keno Numbers

Play Keno At Home:

Ever wanted to play Keno in your own home? Instead of a poker night with the buddies, have a keno night? I explain how to do that in this article for example how to get keno balls etc.

Play Keno At Home

Similar Games to Keno:

Like Keno but looking for a bit of variety? Variety is the slice of life, and these games similar to Keno are worth trying out.

Games Similar To Keno

Keno Roulette:

A game in Australia – but we get a lot of questions about it. I break down in this article exactly what Keno Roulette is.

Keno Roulette

Finding The Best Odds:

While it’s a game in chance, there are some methods you can take to actually increase your ROI when it comes to Keno. One of those is finding the best odds.

Finding The Best Odds

House Edge:

In this article, I go into detail about the house edge in Keno.

Keno House Edge

The Best Strategies for Virtual Keno

A look at the best strategies for online keno and how to implement them best.

The Best Strategies for Virtual Keno

The Martingale Betting System

The most popular betting system of all – here is how you use it when playing Keno.

Keno: The Martingale Betting System

How To Chase The Old Man

Ever heard the phrase about chasing the Old Man in Keno? Here it is explained for you.

How To Chase The Old Man

How To Let The Old Man Chase You

Sort of the opposite of the previous article – in this one it’s about letting the old man chase you.

How To Let The Old Man Chase You

The Caveman Keno Bonus System

A detailed explanation of the Caveman Keno Bonus System.

The Caveman Keno Bonus System

How Many Numbers to Win at Keno?

In this article I explain the payouts at Keno and how it works and how many numbers you need to win.

How Many Numbers to Win

Betting in a Pattern

Talking about following a pattern when betting on Keno.

Keno Pattern Betting

Keno Rabbit Ears

Explaining exactly what Keno Rabbit Ears means.

Keno Rabbit Ears

120 Way Keno

Going into detail about the 120 way Keno ticket.

120 Way Keno

190 Way Keno

Going into detail about 190 Way Keno tickets.

190 Way Keno

Keno King Ticket

Explaining exactly what a Keno King ticket is and where you can find it.

Keno King Ticket

What Is A Keno Runner?

Going into detail about what exactly a Keno runner is and what their job entails.

Keno Runners

Least Profitable Keno Game

In this article I explain what the least profitable Keno game is – for the casinos – and why it’s the most profitable for you.

Least Profitable

A Keno Way Ticket

Explaining exactly what a Keno Way ticket is in this article.

A Keno Way Ticket

Keno vs Chinese Lottery

Comparing Keno to the Chinese Lottery and noting what they have in common.

Keno vs Chinese Lottery

Playing Keno with Bitcoin

Our complete guide to playing online Keno with Bitcoin. What casinos are the best to play it at.

Bitcoin Keno

How to pick Hot Keno Numbers

Explaining what “hot” Keno numbers are.

Hot Keno Numbers

Video Keno Odds

Details on the odds in Video Keno.

Video Keno Odds

Video Keno Patterns: Fact or Fiction

Is there such a thing as actual patterns in video keno?

Patterns: Fact or Fiction

What are Keno Patterns?

Explaining what Keno “Patterns” actually are.

What are Keno Patterns?

Keno Pokie Machines

A look at Keno Pokie machines compared to online.
Keno Pokie Machines

What is Power Keno?

“Power Keno” is the hot new Keno variation, which has proven to be the most popular Keno game online. In this article Dr. Keno explains what exactly “Power Keno” is, how it works and where to play it.

What Is Power Keno?

Keno: The D’Alembert Betting System

Explaining what the D’Alembert Betting System is, and then how one could use that system at Keno.

Keno: D’Alembert Betting System

Best Keno for Americans:

Are you an American looking to play Keno online? I go through the best online casinos for Americans that offers the awesome game of Keno. Full of Multi Card Keno games, Single Card Keno games and no deposit bonuses for Americans.

Keno for Americans

Frequent Winning Keno Numbers:

So you’ll be playing Keno and seeing numbers winning a lot. Is there any reason for this? Dr. Keno analyzes what to do when you see frequent winning Keno numbers.

Frequent Winning Keno Numbers

Our Most Popular Keno Casinos for United States:

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