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How To Chase The Old Man in Keno

Betting enthusiasts who seek to expand their gaming horizons might want to consider playing a round of Keno for a number of valid reasons. Over the years, the game’s popularity has been on an upward trajectory primarily due to its high odds of making a profit or killing if lucky. For those who haven’t tried it out, the game is more or less similar to the popular casino game of roulette. However, Keno allows you to select more numbers hence significantly increasing your winning chances, as more numbers are possible winners. Although Keno is mostly based on luck, a number of ideal strategies such as chasing the old man, have been crafted and adopted over the years to enhance the chances of winning. Before diving right in to the popular strategy used in Keno, let’s have a look at the games basics.

How to Play Keno:

Initially, Keno was designed to be played only twice a day and in limited casinos countrywide. However, the game’s rules have greatly been tweaked over the years to not only accommodate the growing fan base but also make it more interesting. Once you set foot into a Keno hall, you will notice a Keno box –the designated point to procure your ticket and a marking crayon. On the card are boxes entailing the numbers 1 to 80 and to play, you are required to select and mark between four to ten digits going by your intuition. Once you are done selecting your ideal numbers, return the ticket back to the box and place your wagers prior to waiting for a Keno printout card which you will possess throughout the game.

The objective while playing a round of Keno is to match as many digits as you can to receive payouts. It is paramount to note that Keno payouts are hinged to a number of factors mainly; the amount wagered, the total number of digits played, and the number of digits your card is able to match. After the game is over, walk back to the cashier at the Keno box to collect your reward, simple. Now that you have a rough idea on how to play a round of Keno, what strategies then can you use to enhance your winning chances?

There has been a controversial debate among enthusiasts as to whether or not viable strategies can be adopted to boost the game’s winning odds. Some peg it on luck while others believe that strategies are vital in winning. One popular tactic that has been in use for a while now is “chasing the old man” strategy. Is it a viable one and if so, how then do you ‘chase the old man?’ Let’s have a look.

How to Chase the Old Man:

Basically, the ‘controversial’ chasing the old man – strategy is based on the law of probability which assumes that if specific numbers have reoccurred and announced as winning numbers over a series of Keno games, then the chances of showing up again soon are high. This is indeed very thoughtful and a potential winning strategy going by the simple fact that numbers often reoccur on Keno. However, if you choose to go by this rule then you will have to pay close attention to all announced winning numbers over the string of games. Once you have taken note of all the winning numbers announced, proceed to play those that you feel will likely come up again.

Chasing the old man has been touted as one of the most viable and most employed strategies on Keno over the years. In fact, most enthusiasts have indeed collected handsome payouts amounting to $5,000 through simply chasing the old man. However, all strategies including this one are mostly used for fun and not as a gambling technique meant to instantly make you wealthy. It is of paramount importance to keep in mind that Keno is all about fun and luck rather than winning. To win more often and receive huge payouts, it is advisable to bet on just two numbers instead of the maximum fifteen. There are a myriad of other strategies used to play the game of Keno in casinos for instance; letting the old man chase you – where you bet on numbers that haven’t come up recently or play it again – where you bet on the exact numbers on a losing ticket used previously.

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