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Best Keno Numbers To Pick

Another question that gets asked a lot about Keno is “Which are the Best numbers to pick when playing Keno?”. This is a tough question to answer but we will do our best to explain the “Best Numbers” for you.

Its hard to determine what exactly are the Best Numbers in Keno as its essentially a game of luck and hot and cold streaks. If you were to take note of the drawn numbers while playing a session of Keno you will quickly notice that some numbers are drawn more often then others.

It’s these frequently drawn numbers that are referred to as”hot numbers”. And once you notice that these numbers are on fire its best to jump all over them before they cool down. You may notice that a number has been drawn for 5 straight games or that a number has been drawn in 7 out of 10 games. You should be on that number until it stops getting drawn so consistently

Keno veterans and experts alike have all tried to come up with the answer to the question but it really is something that can and will change from game to game.

Knowing that the chances of catching all 20 of the numbers drawn during a game are virtually impossible, you can expect the hot numbers to be in the 8 – 12 number range. And that’s really where you are going to make your money while playing Keno anyways. Its the small wins that carry you along until you manage to catch a good amount of your numbers and really make some cash.

A lot of players like to bet their numbers in clumps or groups. You will notice that during any game of Keno numbers beside each other tend to be drawn quite often. So you could pick 5 & 6 or 33 & 34 it really doesn’t matter as long as they are side by side.

Other Keno pros recommend betting numbers not only beside each other but below or on top of numbers. So when you pick 2 numbers that are side by side then pick the 2 numbers that are side by side either below or on top of the numbers.

But one method I find that works best for me is to use numbers that have some significance to you. It could be your birthday numbers, your child’s birthday, your favourite athletes numbers it doesn’t matter. If they were or have always been your lucky numbers then why not use them during Keno. I have always found that this is the best way to keep track of your numbers when they are being drawn. If your birthdate gets drawn, you will notice that right away instead of picking some random numbers. If your kids age gets drawn then you notice that. And if you can manage to have 20 lucky numbers then you are set.

But to name the Best Numbers to Pick in Keno is impossible. You can jump onto some hot numbers during a Keno session and make some money off of them while you can but that is probably going to be your best bet. Or you can do what the experts suggest and pick groups of numbers. Again you will never be able to match all 20 of the numbers drawn so if you can hit 50% or higher on a consistent basis then you are doing great.
So with the odds against you for catching all of the drawn numbers then why not just have some fun with it. Have a notepad handy and make yourself some new lucky numbers. No matter what numbers you do end up choosing, the ultimate goal of Kenois to make some money while having a blast.

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