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Picking Keno Numbers in a Pattern

Many avid Keno players out there in the world have the tendency to intently stare at the game monitor in hopes of spotting a particular pattern. For instance, the number 26 may pop-up within three different draws consecutively, which means it would most likely be a great bet to play the number 26 over the next 4-5 draws. The chances of that specific number showing up in future draws is pretty good in comparison to other numbers. What is the mystique of picking keno numbers in a pattern and how to do it, the truth lie ahead.

There is without a doubt that numerous casinos and various lottery corporations have spent good money to make certain that their particular number picking server is built strictly unbiased. The well-known and highly intricate RNG (Random Number Generation) has made it difficult for the masses to pick-apart the Keno game, thus creating a reserve with the game and an indefinite continuity with its players.

Patterns Always Emerge

The thing is, no matter how complex the system is, patterns will certainly emerge onto the screen of numbers. They however are random patterns of which, if you aren’t the most focused of individuals, could slip right past your awareness without the blink of an eye. To an average human eye and brain, these are simply random number patterns intertwined with logical number patterns.

Before you know it, our brains will rush to a realization that the computer is fixed into a variable mode of generating patterns and if we were to finally figure that system out, we could absolutely dominate the game of Keno and become completely rich.

Old School Keno

This theory really isn’t true at all but when the game of Keno first made it onto the scene, it was. If you look back in some of the various news articles of the past, you would soon discover that random number generation was constructed on the different time cycles of a computer. They were based upon when the computer was turned on, then turned off and then turned on again and those continuous patterns would create random numbers which were predictive.

Today, you can think twice about that notion because when the fat cats of Keno saw good money being lost due to a fault in such an addictive and clever number game, so the current structure had to go, not the game itself. What was ailing the game was quickly zeroed-in on, corrected accordingly and you will most certainly never see that particular structure of the RNG again.

The Potato Chip Test

When thinking about it, you will find several potato chips inside of a bag that has different markings or bruises on them. If you examined several various bags of potato chips, before you knew it you would eventually discover a chip that may bear the likeness of Jesus or even Yoda for that matter on it.

When you first discover a chip like that, do you quickly believe that there is something special or sacred about it? Absolutely not, it simply means that if you examine the random for long periods of time, different patterns will show up that many of us can identify in our own diversified ways. In reality though, all you truly are doing is identifying an element that is undeniably random but also created a pattern as well.

So, in those trying times when you are not faring too well in the game of Keno, you must always keep in mind that this is a highly complex number generating machine that you are dealing with. Randomly you will certainly always come out the victor but that is only if you play diligently and for extended periods of times.

Keeping Us Coming Back for More

Even if you do play your heart out with a good mindset, you will receive the setbacks of failure, it is just a fact of the game we have all grown to love. Without a doubt, Keno is a really fun and entertaining game but becoming a true champion who perpetually wins is an impossibility. There is a viable method to the madness of picking Keno numbers in a pattern but maintaining a winning streak would be far from a reality. The game is and always will be a winner in our hearts and minds for sure and that is what keeps us always coming back for more.

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