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How To Let the Old Man Chase You in Keno

Making money in a keno lounge is one of the most difficult moves if you don’t have a quality keno strategy. If you have ever tried to enter any type of a casino and tried out various casino games betting of any sort, you actually understand how difficult it is to win some serious cash. That’s why casino games, including keno, are referred to as games of luck.

There has been an ongoing discussion among the most experienced Keno players, whether there are specific strategies that can be applied to increase one’s chances of winning a keno game. After all, it is obvious that Keno, is based on a player’s luck, but the strategies may be effective if luck is on the player’s side as well. It is true that these strategies can give you a leg up in a competition and you can luckily earn some money. There are various strategies which are available for keno players to choose from but let us focus on “Letting the old man chase you” strategy.

“Letting the old man chase you” is one of the most popular theory for Keno players. Essentially, it is a strategy that is based on laws of averages and it assumes that numbers that haven’t been coming up will soon come because every number “gets a chance”. Therefore, instead of playing with the numbers that have come up most often, you can decide to play with the numbers that have come up the least often.

The main aim of the theory is to play the numbers that have not come up recently. If you abide by this strategy, you will have to pay close attention to all the winning numbers which are called from the booth for several games that you will participate before you can play those numbers that have come up the least often. While you enjoy playing keno in the keno lounge, the number generation is always random. Therefore, in the long run, every number must come up a reasonably even number of times compared to other numbers. If a number has not come up recently, then you should bet exactly on that number as it might come up soon to even out the number count.

Now let us be clear, this approach to selecting which numbers to play is accompanied by other parameters of your play as well as psychological factors, which may be as important as your personal money management. However, the pleasure of Keno involves numbers and not the mechanics, which makes “Let the old man” strategy to be relevant to your enjoyment of the game.

In addition to playing a Keno game by letting the old man chase you, you will definitely receive the oracular reinforcement of yourself when you win or lose. If your numbers definitely come up, it’s a validation that your strategy can actually work.

“Let the old man chase you” is very simple in theory, but it has some disadvantages though.

1. Numbers don’t come up because it is their turn as keno balls have no memory. Number 47 may not come up to your last 10 keno games. If that happens, you will not have a predictive value. In such case, the molecules which make up the ball 47 don’t strain themselves for an even score, that’s the reality.

2. The numbers won’t even come up at times because the casino game of keno is actually a pure game of chance. All the numbers drawn in the game are always drawn randomly and as such, they have no bearings of any other numbers that comes before or after them. Due to this fact, it is unlikely that “Letting the old man chase you” strategy will be able to help you win a game.

3. Another disadvantage involves selecting numbers that have come up least often on every game. This is a tough task, especially under time pressure, unless you are willing to quick pick, which may not be the best step.

Generally “Letting the old man chase you” strategy does not guarantee you of winning keno and in fact, winning with this strategy is still based on luck. But it cannot hurt to give it a try and make your game to be more fun and exciting. Keno is still an enjoyable game that is preferred by a high percentage of gamblers. Just ensure that you gamble wisely and before placing any bet, you should believe that you are going to win. Good-luck

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