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What Is A Keno Way Ticket?

Betting on Keno is not only fun, but also highly rewarding and inexpensive to play – hence a favorite among enthusiasts. Based on a Chinese lottery, Keno is quite different from your ordinary casino game; in that it isn’t fast and furious like conventional games but somewhat moderate in nature (in fact, it was initially designed to be played only twice a day). However, casino operators have developed a myriad of innovative ways to play it in recent years and in the process redefined the paperwork to allow bettors to play up to four or five times every hour. There is a plethora of ways to place bets on Keno with six varying types of tickets in place, to make it more interesting.

What is a Keno Way Ticket?

Of the six, Keno way tickets have proven to be the most popular and for two good reasons. For starters, they are virtually the most convenient as you are allowed to bet multiple games at a go, on one ticket. The second reason that makes way tickets so popular is their cost efficient nature. For instance, some casinos will let you play for as little as 10 cents to 25 cents per way rather than the standard rate of $1.00 charged to place bets on a straight ticket.

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To comprehensively understand what Keno way tickets are, you will need to have sufficient knowledge on how to play these tickets. Let’s have a look at the steps involved in playing way tickets.

– Choose your numbers – once you have your ticket, mark an “X” over the chosen number with a pencil. You will be required to break them down in sets later on, thus doesn’t necessarily matter how many you choose at this stage.

– Circle your groups of numbers – once you have the specific group of numbers you want to play, draw a circle around them regardless of how many they are. However, most way tickets offer limited groups of three to five per circle. It is paramount to note that the circles can contain similar numbers but this can potentially prove to be challenging during the calculation process (next) thus not advisable.

– Calculate the number of ways you want to bet – this step proves to be the most confusing more so for those making a debut on lotteries but once you have a grasp of it, the easiest of all steps. Since a standard Keno ticket entails numbers 1 to 80, you might choose to bet on your spouse’s favorite numbers; let’s say 7, 21, 30, 35, 46 (a five spot). Then proceed to bet on your favorite three numbers; for instance 3, 12, 24 (a three spot). This means that your way ticket has two varying ways of winning. However, you can also choose to include both sets of numbers (an eight spot – if both are added), thus increasing your winning combinations to three. It’s that simple.

– Fill in your wagers – the best part about playing Keno, is that its flexible compared to other lotteries. You are allowed to determine the amount of your bet, meaning the higher you bet per way, the more you stand to win in regards to the payouts issued. Just jot down the amount you wish to wager on each way, and then multiply this amount by the number of ways you are betting to get the total cost which you will indicate at the top of your ticket.

– Turn in your ticket, sit back and watch the lottery – once you are done betting on your way ticket, pay the wagers to an authorized Keno teller in the casino prior to waiting for the game to start shortly (usually within ten minutes). If you are lucky enough, your numbers will pop up in any combination you bet on meaning you will receive your payouts at the end of the game. Keep in mind that not all numbers chosen on your Keno way ticket will have to pop up for you to get paid.

As you can see, way tickets are indeed very interesting. Imagine hosting a dinner party and getting everybody involved in your bets without having to break bank. Keno way tickets are therefore a casino enthusiast’s best bargain, and ranked among the most popular casino lotteries of all times – for good reason of course. Go ahead and try your luck by betting on Keno way tickets.

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