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Keno Odds

Keno is a great, fun and simple game to play. Anyone can play this game with little to no knowledge of Keno and still have a blast while playing it. But understanding just exactly how the odds work and how much you can win while playing Keno will greatly improve not only your experience but your chances of winning.

At first glance, the odds of a game of Keno can seem a little tricky or difficult to understand but to be honest its really very easy. Below we will go over the odds on a standard game of Keno and after reading this hopefully you ill come away with a better understanding of the wonderful game of Keno and this will help you have a better time while playing and improve your winning chances.

Keno is incredibly popular thanks to how easy it is to play. Choose your wager for the game, pick your numbers and get paid for how many numbers you “hit” or match. In most games of Keno, the more numbers you choose and the more numbers you hit then the more the player wins. Although some games of Keno pay a player for hitting smaller amounts of numbers or no numbers at all. Even though it is virtually impossible for a player to match all 20 numbers during a game of Keno, you can still make so pretty amazing money for matching a good chunk of your played numbers.

Most games of Keno allow players to pick up to a maximum of 20 numbers. But thanks to the many different variations online, you can find many different amounts of numbers drawn, amount of cards played, maximum amount of numbers a player can choose and plenty of other options. Below will will use a 80 number card playing the maximum 20 numbers. We will show you the odds and then the percentage of times this outcome will occur

Odds of Catching 0 correct numbers is 1:843 or 0.12%
Odds of Catching 1 correct number is 1:86 or 1.15%
Odds of Catching 2 correct numbers is 1:20 or 4.76%
Odds of Catching 3 correct numbers is 1:8 or 11.11%
Odds of Catching 4 correct numbers is 1:4.8 or 17.24%
Odds of Catching 5 correct numbers is 1:4.2 or 19.23%
Odds of Catching 6 correct numbers is 1:5.2 or 16.13%
Odds of Catching 7 correct numbers is 1:8.8 or 10.20%
Odds of Catching 8 correct numbers is 1:20 or 4.76%
Odds of Catching 9 correct numbers is 1:61 or 1.61%
Odds of Catching 10 correct numbers is 1:253 or .39%
Odds of Catching 11 correct numbers is 1:1,423 or 0.07%
Odds of Catching 12 correct numbers is 1:10,968 or 0.01%
Odds of Catching 13 correct numbers is 1:118,084 or lower than 0.01%
Odds of Catching 14 correct numbers is 1:1,821,881 or lower than 0.01%
Odds of Catching 15 correct numbers is 1:41,751,453 or lower than 0.001%
Odds of Catching 16 correct numbers is 1:1,496,372,110 or lower than 0.001%
Odds of Catching 17 correct numbers is 1:90,624,035,964 or lower than 0.0001%
Odds of Catching 18 correct numbers is 1:10,512,388,171,906 or lower than 0.00001%
Odds of Catching 19 correct numbers is 1:2,946,096,785,176,811 or lower than 0.0000001%
Odds of Catching 20 correct numbers is 1:3,535,316,142,212,173,800 or lower than 0.000000001%

So as you can see it really is very difficult, almost virtually impossible, to catch all 20 numbers on a game of Keno. But even though you, or anyone you know, will probably never catch all 20 numbers you can still make some really good money off of catching any amount of numbers. The chances of catching any amount of numbers in the 3 numbers to 11 numbers range is actually quite good. When selecting your Keno game you should be first checking out the pay-table to see which game pays the best for the numbers in this range as that is where you are going to be a good percentage of the time.

Its is very important to understand that you will never catch all 20 numbers. Its something any first time player needs to know so they don’t go into the game with false expectations. But with that being said not all is lost and you can still catch a good portion of your numbers and make some decent money. But overall the game of Keno is a blast to play and has an awesome level of excitement. There is nothing quite liking sitting there watching your numbers matchup and for each number you catch you winning amount is increased. Its so easy and gives players a decent shot of winning a good chunk of money.

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