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Why Do People Play Keno?

Why Play Keno?

For people who are unfamiliar with the game or who have played it, Keno is incredibly popular worldwide by all age groups and both genders. But why play Keno? Well below we will go over why you should play this game if you haven’t yet had a chance to play it. We will cover both pros and cons of this excitement packed game.

If you haven’t played Keno before its really easy to pick up and play. You first decide how many numbers you would like to play. Most games of Keno are played using a 80 number Keno card. You can select various amounts of numbers up to the usual maximum of 20 numbers. After you select you numbers you will now need to determine how much you would like to wager on that round. After you have picked your wager amount and your numbers you are now ready to begin. Starting the round will now begin the ball drawing process. 20 numbers will be drawn and you will win based on the amount of numbers you are able to match, or catch. The more you catch the more you win. That’s all there is to this amazing game.

Ok so let’s first cover the cons of the game of Keno:

  1. You will never match all 20 numbers – The chance of you catching all 20 of your numbers, although mathematically possible, are virtually impossible
  2. My grandparents play Keno – Keno has been around for a long, long time. And its due to the popularity and ease of this game that many players of all ages play. And recently this game has been picking up steam with all age groups. So don’t be surprised to see your casino buddies playing this at any time.
  3. Slow paced – While playing Keno at a real Casino the games do take some time to complete. But thanks to the amazing world of online Casinos Keno games are completed so quickly that your winnings are still counting by the time you are picking your next set of numbers

And now lets go over the many pros associated with Keno:

  1. Unmatched level of excitement – Any time you bet money on something the excitement begins. But as the numbers are drawn and you start to catch number after number just see how long you can stay seated for.
  2. One of the easiest games you will ever play – Such a breeze to pick up and play this game. Pick your numbers choose your wager and you are ready
  3. Plenty of ways to win – Although you or anyone you know will never catch all 20 numbers, there is still plenty of ays for you to win good money. You can win by catching 5, 6 ,7 etc. numbers
  4. Lots of different variations available – There are so many different ways to play Keno online that you will never get bored of the game. You can play online using up to 20 cards, you can play using a Keno card with only 40 numbers, there is speed Keno the list goes on and on
  5. Great game for Lotto and Bingo fans – Some of the more popular games in the world like Lotto and Bingo are played in the same way as Keno. Players familar to the Lotto or Bingo will love Keno
  6. Potential for decent winnings -Again you will never catch all 20 numbers. But you can still easily double, triple or more your wager just by catching some of the numbers you choose in the beginning
  7. A great casual game to play with friends -Thanks to the ease of the game, its a great game to play while in the company of your friends. My friends and I regularly get together at someones house, we all bring our laptops and have sone side wagers between each other. Of course there are some drinks involved!

I think the Pros far outweigh the Cons. If you haven’t yet played Keno then you will be surprised at how much fun this game can be. If you go into the game thinking you will match all 20 of your numbers than you will have a lousy Keno experience. But if you go into this game realizing that you won’t hit the jackpot but you will win some good money while playing a game that will have you on the edge of your seat then you are going to really enjoy Keno

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