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Best Strategy for Keno

You might laugh when you think about it – a strategy to play Keno? You’re crazy!

But not really.

Sure Keno is all random luck and all that – but there are still some strategies you can apply to the game of Keno to get the best out of the game. Some actually DO increase your chances at winning at Keno, while others simply help you get into a good gambling mindset.

Let’s talk about the most important thing you can do when it comes to online Keno first:

Compare The Odds:

When it comes to online Keno, you have yourself a wild selection of Keno games available to you. Each game is different – different graphics, different styles, different layouts – and most importantly: different payouts or odds.

Not all of them are like that of course – you’ll find similar odds at most Keno games online. But there are still a few where the payout is different. It could be 1 more credit for 3 numbers than another game – but that’s enough to put the odds more in your favour.

So spend some time at a casino like looking through their Keno games and comparing the odds. You’d be surprised what you can find.

Now with that, there are quite a few interesting strategies people use to play Keno. I’m going to list them here. They may not win you more money, but they help you get out of the typical gamblers mindset and actually become more goal-orientated, which may save you more in the long run:

Best Keno Strategies:

Block Strategy: This is a pretty neat strategic approach to Keno, where you are approaching it with the plan to bet always in blocks. This means betting in a certain block of numbers such as 1, 11, 21 and so on up to 51. Or bet with a separator between each number. For example a separator of 12. So you pick 1, then 13, then 25 and so on. Having a strategy like that keeps you focused, and gets more out of the game of Keno.

Cold Numbers: Most online casinos track the numbers for you, and you can take your time before playing another round. So pay attention to any numbers that are on a cold streak and haven’t been picked, and go for them.

Hot Numbers: Same as above, but going with the popular numbers. Ones that have came up say at least thrice in ten games. Start going for just them. Hey who knows – maybe the RNG is borked(it isn’t) and spitting those numbers out more and more often.

These strategies may not help you win more money, but by having some sort of a plan when you go to play Keno it can really help you. Otherwise you are sitting there losing and losing with no aim or plan or strategy and yeah – that really sucks. Approaching it with a strategy really helps.

Finally, you can of course use the Martingale. However Keno is dangerous for that – which is the infamous double up system. Don’t double up your bets. Instead double up your numbers. So you start with 1 number. Then whatever the last number was that came up on Keno, you add that to give you 2 numbers. And so on and so forth. If you win, you back to the beginning again.

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