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Why Three Spot Keno Is The Least Profitable For The Casino

Keno is one of the most popular casino-based lottery games today. Like many other casino games, there are several strategies believed to improve considerably the odds of scoring a win in this game. Of course, as with most casino games, the keno game that lowers the house edge the most is clearly the most profitable variant for the player. Many casino managers believe that as far as keno is concerned, this variant is the three spot keno. Here is a deeper look at why the three spot keno is considered the least profitable for the casino, and consequently, the most profitable keno version for the player.

Why Three Spot Keno Is The Least Profitable For The Casino
To a considerable extent, keno ticket payouts vary depending on the gaming establishment you have chosen as the place to indulge in this popular casino game. So, the payouts will vary depending on where you are playing your keno game. But, generally speaking, the three spot keno gives you an edge over other variants of the game by lowering the casino’s edge.

Casino managers claim that with a three spot keno, the numbers are relatively easier to hit. As a matter of fact, in most casinos, by playing this keno version, you get your money back on two of the three numbers you pick. For instance, by playing the same three numbers 21 times in a row and getting a perfect hit only once, the casino would still lose out as it would have to give you a 100% payout.

Obviously, since you need to remain in the game for quite a while to get this chance of winning, frugality is key. Spreading out your money over a couple of bets would obviously keep you from enjoying the lower house edge benefit the three spot keno stands to offer. In most casinos, three spot keno pays $42 on a $1 bet. Furthermore, hitting two of the three three-spot keno ticket numbers entitles you to a refund of all your bet.

So, this means that if you place a higher bet of say $3 on each three-spot ticket, play 21 times, and in those times manage to hit all the three numbers at least once, you would end up with a $63 win, which means you would have doubled your money. The same principle goes for other bet sizes. By betting $2 on each ticket, you would get a $42 payout if you scored a single perfect match in 21 tries.

Comparison Against Other Spot Tickets
When the odds of the three-spot keno are compared to other keno tickets, it is clear why this keno ticket is considered the least profitable for casino establishments. For instance, while the odds of getting a perfect match in three-spot keno are well under 100, a four spot keno ticket has 1 in over 300 chances of hitting a perfect match. With a five spot keno ticket, the odds of winning with all the five numbers is well over 1,500. For the ten spot keno tickets, the odds are even further out of reach with winning odds of about 1 in nearly 9,000,000.

Additionally, mathematical analysis of the expected return of the three spot keno against the two spot variant indicates that the two have a matching expected return of 72.15%. However, unlike the three spot keno where you get a consolation prize for hitting only 2 of the three numbers, with a 2 spot keno ticket, you get nothing for hitting anything less than the the two numbers. Such factors obviously help explain why casino managers generally consider the 3 spot keno the least profitable variant for the casino, since it offers a lot more ways for the player to get a payout that any other keno ticket.

Keno is one of the most profitable games for the casino, with a potential house edge of around 4 to 35% while for non-slot games the edge can be as low as 0% and reach 5% at most. Still, there are some keno playing strategies that can give you a considerable chance of winning by lowering the house edge substantially. The odds of winning with a keno ticket that features more than three numbers lowers the odds of winning to at least a couple of hundreds to one. With a three spot keno ticket, it is possible to score a hit, and even a partial 2 out of 3 hit will get you a payout, which is why casino managers generally consider the three spot keno to be the least lucrative version for the casino.

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