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Video Keno Patterns: Fact or Fiction?

Almost everyone who play keno vouches by a certain method to play the game in the best possible way. Some players believe in lucky numbers and always put their bets only on their favorite number while others like playing the corners. Then there are those who chooses numbers which are in a vertical or horizontal order. So, is there any truth in these beliefs? Can you really have lucky numbers that will make you win always?

It is true that as you play more and more games, you might see a pattern emerging. You start analyzing your previous games and suddenly, you see that there is at last a winning combination of numbers that keeps repeating! Unfortunately, the simple but scientific answer is that is that there are no lucky numbers or patterns, just random numbers. The truth lies in the fact that the numbers picked by the machine are generated through RNG (Random Number Generator). And each round of game is independent and not a continuation of the previous.

To further explain RNG, let us look at it from a computational standpoint. Our understanding that a computer is needed to generate a random number is correct. All gaming machines like keno, slot machines, poker have computational power behind it. But, what we believe is that they generate a sequence of numbers only when we press ‘play’ on the machine. Now that’s not true.

In fact, gaming companies go to any extend to make it completely random because they don’t want you to win. So, the keno machine, regardless of it is being played or not, keeps churning out numbers at all times. So, when a player starts playing, the machine gives the number that is generated at the exact moment. The algorithm behind gaming machines are complex and has many layers to ensure that it is a game of chance.

Keno Patterns explained:

The Role of Statistics

Yes, statistics plays a huge role in repeating patterns. In a traditional game, there are 80 numbers and 20 are picked. That means 25% of the numbers gets picked up every time and the chances of a few of them appearing side by side repeatedly are high. The more rounds you play, the more you see repeated patterns.

The Role of Human Mind

The human mind is programmed to recognize patterns. It tries to create order from chaos. Centuries ago people used to look at the moon and would see what they believed was a huge rabbit. Even now we look at pictures of Mars and see a huge face. But, science explains that these are just random markings and our brains are programmed to create familiar images out of them.

But, why do so many people believe in patterns and lucky numbers? An explanation could be that we see patterns because we specifically look for it. As players, we are eager to find that set of numbers which will help us beat the machine. When a player start analyzing the game with the sole intention of finding a repeating pattern, he could end up finding what seems to be one, but the sad truth is that there is no such thing.

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