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What Is A Keno Runner?

Keno runner refers to a physical casino employee whose main duty involves taking tickets back and forth from the players to the keno counter. They work in almost all the parts of the casino, but they are mostly found in the keno lounge. They also work on the gaming floors and restaurants in some casinos.
Recognizing a keno runner is simple. They are always in identifiable clothing or uniform when they are on duty and you can easily spot them. The following are the main duties of a keno runner and what they may be able to help you with as a player or customer.

1. They provide all the players with blank keno cards or tickets which are used in marking the chosen numbers, and keno crayons used in marking off bets. They also have the odds table that you can check to assist you in making more informed bet decisions before placing your wager.

2. They get a lot of exercise, especially in large casinos. Their work is hard and speedy. They pick all the marked cards from all the players in the casino and forward them to the writer who is located at the keno counter.

As a player, you should be able to check if there are mistakes on the ticket before the keno runner can pick it. She will then hand in the collected cards, also known as the outside ticket and exchange them for duplicate cards which she receives from the keno writer. The writer records your chosen numbers before he can issue the inside ticket which serves as your receipt and as a proof that you have entered the game.

3. It is the duty of a keno runner to return the duplicate cards to you. You will actually use the duplicate cards to determine whether you have won the game or not. The original card is always left on the counter so that you cannot be lured to try adjusting your chosen numbers after the final draw.

4. They answer questions concerning the game rules and the casino policies. This duty requires their attention to detail. Their ability to add numbers quickly is effective in helping them answer various questions with ease.

5. They also serve as the bank for the game at some casinos by collecting card bets in the form of cash and paying the winners after every game.

6. Keno runners conduct gambling games, and gambling tables and ensure that all the players follow the game rules. This requires them to be alert at all times.

7. Mediate disputes. Their excellent customer service skills make them to be excellent peace makers and solve disputes between players. They also have the ‘good people skills’ since a huge percentage of runners suffers the brunt of boorish customers who may decide to blame their losses on them.

Dealing with such like players has never been easy as gamblers who have lost their games need a lot of patience and sympathy from keno runners. This is why most casinos offer specialized training specifically meant to boost the keno runner’s skills.

8. Some of them interact and develop a long-term relationship with customers. This is the best method to retain loyal customers. They also interact with all levels of management.

Apart from the above listed duties, keno runners are able to run very fast while at the same time avoid running into people on their way to and from the keno counter. As we all know, they have to convey the ken card to the writer, they should be able to return to the keno counter in time so that they can be able to enter the ticket for the games which are about to be played. In case they fail to get at the counter in time, you will not be able to play the particular game that you had prepared for and therefore, you will have to wait for the following game.

Generally, keno runners maximize efficiency and game availability at the casino by providing quality customer service to all the customers. They perform all the tasks and duties to the casino standards and most of them are highly responsible in their duties. In fact, they tend to be very trustworthy as a very big number of players rely on them. They contribute in making keno game to be more entertaining, easy to play and enjoyable for all players

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