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Keno Pokie Machines at Online Casinos

You may be a fan of keno pokie machines but you really need to play online keno – The chances of winning in this type of keno are much higher. If you are looking for high-quality pokies online for Keno, then there are many good ones out there.

The minimum payout and odds of the online keno poke machines are generally better than online. Online keno (also known as Video keno) is much more dynamic than live keno. Each game will only take you a few seconds to play, and in addition, the player has increased chances of winning.

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How much can you earn?

You can play 8 games per minute on a video keno machine, which can bring you $120 per hour. Theoretically, at 7.5% of casino revenue on this game, the player loses $9 per hour (assuming the game is played for 25 cents). Video\Online keno is a simple game. It works like a regular pokie machine – you make a bet, push start button on the screen and get the result.

Gameplay of the video keno

The disadvantage of the video keno machine is the limited amount of numbers you can bet on – 10 numbers is a maximum. Once you have made your choice, the machine immediately gives out 20 numbers. There is also a help function is available on the scoreboard, which shows the payout table for matching numbers.

Many players like to bet on the same numbers until they win. If you are one of them, simply press the Start button on the machine and bet on the same numbers. If you want to bet on new numbers, use the clear button.

Reduce the amount of numbers to bet on in order to increase your chances for winning combination. The best option would be to bet on three to nine numbers per game. The odds of matching eight numbers will be 230000:1.

Tips for playing Video Keno online

As with video poker or online pokies, the payout (RTP) is determined by the gambling house itself. Also specific is the amount of numbers that can be matched. For example, if you bet on 8 numbers, you get a certain winnings even if 5, 6 or 7 numbers match.

Before betting, always check the prize table on the screen. Record your winnings each time – this will help to manage your bankroll and stay in black.

Do not bet on a single number, no matter what type of keno you are playing. The chances of winning in this case are negligible. The best way to earn a lot is by betting on 7 numbers. In video keno the odds of matching seven numbers are 41,000:1 (so you get 41000 if you bet only 1 coin) which is much higher than in video poker. Stick to a one-coin bet unless you are playing a video keno with a total jackpot. You can find many video keno games if you visit the website here.

Jackpot in video keno

The Jackpot in video keno depends on the type of game. Some may be different depending on how much you wager. If it was a game with the same jackpot prize even if you bet the minimum, then it’s worth betting the minimum to increase your EV. Knowing that, you can allocate your money properly. If you win the jackpot, pause the game with the stop button, or cash out your winnings and start the game over again, making smaller bets this time (since you’ve already got a jackpot).

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