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Best Keno Casinos for Canadians

If you’re a Canadian and looking to play Keno online, then there is a lot of great choices for you to do just that.

There are literally hundreds of online casinos that accept Canadians, and offer great Keno.

The problem is – what ones are best? You don’t want to sign up somewhere to play Keno and find out there are better options elsewhere. I mean – some online casinos share the same software so you can play Keno at both Titan Casino and Omni Casino – and they are the exact same games. However if you play at one, you may be missing out on the best deposit bonuses available for Canadians at the other, or special promotions or Keno related reload bonuses that one casino offers that the other doesn’t.

In this article, I’m going to be going through the online casinos and informing you of the best casinos to play for Canadians.

#1 Casino for Canadians: Video Slots

It might seem weird that a casino with “slots” in the name is rated as one of the best Keno casinos for Canadians – but Video Slots is without a doubt the number one casino to play at.

See – unlike other casinos who use just one particular software – Video Slots use a variety. So they license casino games from a wide variety of online casino software providers such as Microgaming, Betsoft and Sheriff Gaming.

What this essentially means is that you will have the best Keno experience possible at Video Slots, as they offer the widest variety of Keno games. They have games like Klub Keno, Space Keno and Keno TV Show and over 10 different Keno varieties.

They also offer a great signup bonus, and a wide variety of promotions.

So head on over to the #1 Keno casino for Canadians –

#2 Casino for Canadians: Classy Coin Casino

The reason Classy Coin Casino is #2 for Canadians isn’t to do with their Keno selection – they actually only have one Keno offering. It’s a traditional Keno game with a wide variety of betting limits and a maximum payout of $250,000.

What is good about Classy Coin however is the no deposit bonus on offer. Classy Coin Casino offer a $25 no deposit bonus – this is an exclusive promotion we have set up with them. What this means is you sign up and you get $25 in real cash – no deposit needed.

So head on over to Classy Coin Casino via our exclusive link to activate the Keno no deposit bonus.

#3 Casino for Canadians: WinADay Casino

The premier casino for Canadians when it comes to Multi Card Keno. The above two online casinos are great for single card keno, but if you are looking to play Multi Card Keno, then WinADay is the place to be.

They offer the sick sick Power Keno game which is the ultimate Multi Card Keno experience, with a wide selection of other games as well to suit your needs.

Power Keno is the main reason to play here though – and a $500 welcome bonus which you can clear at Multi Card Keno as well? Yep – this is the best casino for Canadians looking to play Multi Card Keno.

Go check WinADay out for free.

Best Casinos for Canadians Summarized:

These 3 online casinos are the ones you should have accounts at if you are a Canadian.

Video Slots gives you the best selection of single card keno games, as well as some great bonuses.

Classy Coin Casino gives you a no deposit bonus, so you can play online Keno for free.

Then WinADay casino gives you the best multi card keno experience online.

All 3 of these casinos should suit your needs if you are in Canada and looking to play Keno online, single card OR multi card.

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