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The Most Frequent Winning Numbers

This is a question I get often – What are the most frequent winning Keno numbers?

First – the bad news. There are no set numbers that come up more often than not. With 80 different numbers, each Keno number has a 1 in 80 chance of coming up.

Plus – can you imagine if there WERE frequent winning Keno numbers? Whether you were playing at an online casino, in a bingo hall or in Vegas – the number 23 comes up more than others? Yeah – that’s just not going to happen.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t try and play a game of Keno utilizing the strategy of what numbers come up more often. Yeah it’s not really a strategy – but it’s still a fun way to play Keno, and a lot better than just picking random numbers.

By following numbers that come up often, it allows you to think a lot more about the game, and get a lot more excitement out of playing Keno.

Follow the Hot Numbers:

What you should do when you play Keno is note the numbers that are coming up, and start playing them.

Online you can take your time – and often the Keno games will track it for you. You simply note what numbers come up, keep track of them and start betting on the ones that come up more often.

If you’re playing offline, like at a racetrack or in a casino – what I’d recommend is some preparation. When you go, have a notepad with you that lists the numbers 1 through 80. Then every time one of those numbers come up, start putting a line beside it. You’ll see what numbers will come up more often and as those are the most frequent winning numbers you can now bet on them.

Look for a Pattern:

If you want to get more complex, you can start looking at pattersn. For example an easy one would be tracking odd and even numbers and seeing what comes up more often then sticking to it.

You could also look at when specific numbers come up. For example maybe the number 10 comes up once every 3 games of Keno. So then you could start playing that every 3 games.

Go the Opposite:

Rather than going for the hot numbers what about the cold numbers? Do what I suggested in section 1 – track the numbers that are coming up of course. However instead of placing bets on the most frequent winning numbers you’re betting the ones that don’t come up often. These are the “cold” numbers. Hey they haven’t came up in 5 spins – surely they’re due?

Will This Strategy Give You An Edge?

This sort of strategy where we go after the most frequent winning numbers is not intended to give you more of an advantage than doing random numbers. Instead it is generally just there to enhance the game of Keno.

As I said – sitting there playing random numbers over and over can get bloody boring. But when you add this extra layer to it then it becomes a lot more fun – sitting there tracking each number is pretty great and the odd time it pays off you will feel like a boss.

Plus hey – who knows. Yeah there is random number generators and all that – but maybe that one Keno ball has a bit of extra weight to it or something. I’ve seen crazier things!

So in short – it’s not so much a strategy as a way to have more fun playing Keno. Give it a try – you’ll be surprised how much it enhances the game of Keno when you’re looking for the most frequent winning numbers.

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