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What Is A Keno King Ticket?

Although Keno ranks as one of the most popular casino games, it is quite different from other lotteries in a myriad of ways. For starters, Keno can be played for fun (unlike most lotteries) over dinner, as well as a profitable hobby for gambling enthusiasts. Secondly, it is not as fast-paced as your conventional casino lotteries and in fact, was designed to be played just twice a day. Due to popular demand however, the games rules and paperwork have been adjusted over the years to accommodate the ever growing fan-base and most casinos currently are playing Keno up to four or five times every hour.

Based on a Chinese lottery game, Keno let’s you choose your own numbers rather than pitting you against other players as is the norm in most casino lotteries. Although winning on Keno takes a significant amount of luck, having sufficient knowledge on the basics can indeed go a long way in enhancing your chances. After all, you can’t expect to play and win any game if you are unaware of what you are doing. Basically, you will be circling groups of numbers or a single number, on varying tickets most of the time. But as you do this, it is paramount to keep in mind that the more spots (numbers) you choose per bet, the higher your chances of winning. This however, decreases your payouts significantly – the main reason why King tickets rank among the most popular on Keno, due to their high profits. For those still in the dark about what King tickets are, let’s have a look at what exactly they entail.

What is a Keno King Ticket?

As the name implies, a King ticket or King number (as it is commonly referred to), is the crème number on a specific bet. Basically, the ticket has one number circled in isolation. It allows you to choose a single number amongst your selections and as a “special” number of some sorts, it can be used in combination with: other groups, other King numbers or on its own. King tickets simply follow the same marking format as Keno way tickets or split tickets which focus on the spots played and amount wagered per group (usually indicated on the right side of the ticket). To comprehensively understand what a King ticket is, you will of course have to know how it is played.

How is a King Ticket Played?

Before diving right in, it is of paramount importance to note that although a King ticket costs slightly higher in comparison to the rest, it has a number of valid benefits to justify this. The primary benefits of playing a King number is that there are more ways entailed in an all King ticket besides the high, mouth-watering payouts over other Keno tickets. Basically, all ways hit on an all King ticket, are proper. Without any further due, let’s focus on how to play King Tickets on Keno by giving a detailed example.

Let’s say you have a Keno way ticket, in which you want to entail a King number. In the ticket, you might bet on your favorite numbers 4 and 8 (a two spot), your daughter’s favorite numbers 7 and 4 (a two spot) and your wife’s favorite digits 5 and 9 (a two spot). This simply means that you would have 3 ways. Assuming you then choose the number 1 as your king number, then your ways would not only be increased to four, but also the King will be included in all the three ways (exclusive of the King number). This is how your ways would like (4, 8 + 1), (7, 3, 4 + 1), (5, 9 + 1) and (1).

If you choose to bet $1 per way for instance, then your ticket should read: $4 (the total bet); 3/3 (3 sets of three spots); 1/1 (1 one spot); $1 (one dollar per way). Once you have properly indicated the required info on your ticket, hand it in to the Keno teller at the casino prior to taking your seat and waiting for the game to start. Remember that Keno is all about having fun and picking the numbers that just feel right to you. No numbers are likely to pop up than others, therefore you can be guaranteed of a straightforward and transparent betting process. Be sure to collect your payouts immediately after the game. You never know what lies ahead with Keno.

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