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How Many Numbers Do You Need To Win At Keno?

One of the most popular questions novices ask regarding keno is: how many numbers do you need to win? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this important question. If you already know a thing or so about keno, then you have probably heard that various keno tickets have different quantities of numbers on them, ranging from a single number to well over ten numbers.

So, it goes without saying that the numbers you need to win with a particular ticket will vary depending on the total numbers on the ticket. Therefore, while 3 numbers are adequate to secure the maximum prize with a three-spot keno ticket, they are not enough to win anything with a ten-spot keno ticket. Below is a more detailed look at how many numbers it takes to win at keno.

How Many Numbers Do You Need To Win Keno?
As mentioned above, the numbers required to win depend on the total numbers on the keno spot ticket. The ticket numbers vary from a single number to keno tickets featuring more than 10 numbers. The best way to understand just how many matching numbers you need to win is to consider some practical examples.

For instance, with a one-spot keno ticket, you need to get the number you have chosen right to win. In this case, you will get double your bet. So, if you place a $1 bet on a one-spot keno ticket, and get the number right, you will get a payout of $2 or even $2.5 depending on the casino.With a two spot keno ticket, you have to strictly get the two required numbers correct to get ten times the amount of bet placed as reward. So, getting a single number correct gets absolutely no payout.

How Numbers Vary With The Individual Keno Ticket
Just for reference, with a one spot card, getting the number correct guarantees a win. With a two-spot keno ticket, only a 2 gets a win. These are the only spot cards that require one specific match to secure a win. With a 3-spot keno ticket, 2 or 3 matching numbers ensure a win.

On the other hand, with a 4-spot, 5-spot, and 6-spot keno ticket, a match of three or more numbers will ensure a win. But, it is worth noting that this is not always the case – there are casino establishments that will offer payouts for 2 matches on a 4-spot game, albeit the refund of the initial bet amount.

For the 7-spot, 8-spot, and 9-spot keno tickets, being able to get 4 or more numbers correct ensures a win. Again, as mentioned above, the number of matching numbers required to secure a win can vary with the gambling establishment in question. For instance, some casinos can offer a payout for three matches in a 7-spot keno game.

The ten-spot ticket is a little interesting because, in addition to winning for getting 5 or more numbers out of the total of ten correct, getting none of the numbers correct also secures a win. This is clearly because the odds of getting all the numbers wrong on a keno card with so many numbers is small enough to be worthwhile betting probability for the casino.

Basically, as you can see, the more the numbers on the keno ticket, the higher the minimum number of matches required to win even the least profitable payouts. Additionally, even the minimum payout on each spot ticket should be sufficient to entitle you to a recovery of the initial bet.

Also, the larger the number of the spot ticket, the more the maximum payout. For instance, while a one spot card can only double the bet amount, a player can get about 300 times the bet amount for getting all the numbers correct on a 5-spot ticket and 250,000 times for getting all the numbers of the ten-spot keno ticket correct and so forth.

Just to summarize, as indicated by the information above, as long as you are getting the minimum required number of matches on each spot card, you will basically have come out ahead in your play. At the very least, by getting the minimum numbers required on a particular card to get any form of payout, you at the very least hold on to your original bet amount. Still, be sure to check these factors before playing – some casinos offer fractional payouts on some matches, which means you can lose a portion of your bet despite meeting the minimum number of matches. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the minimum matching numbers required on a particular spot ticket will vary from casino to casino, as will the payouts for the correct matches.

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