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Using The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is perhaps the one system that every gambler knows, even if it is not by its real name. You might know it as simply ‘doubling your bet’, which is effectively what the Martingale betting system is. It is a negative progression betting system because every time you have a negative result, you continue your trip up the Martingale betting system’s progression onto the next step.

So, can you use the Martingale betting system when you are playing keno? Of course! Should you use the Martingale betting system when you are playing keno? Well, that is a different answer altogether. First of all, the Martingale betting system should only be used to have fun, regardless of what casino game you are playing – it is a losing prospect in the long run no matter

Let’s recap on what we know about the Martingale betting system – every time we lose a bet, we double our wager. Now, playing keno, this is a simple thing to do. First of all, you need to choose how many numbers you want to play. Because we want to win big, we will pick 8 numbers. At our fictional casino, to get our stake back we have to match 4 numbers, 5 numbers pays 6-1, 6 numbers pays 59-1, 7 numbers pays 674-1 and 8 correct numbers pays 24,999-1.

So our first wager is a $1 eight number bet. The numbers come out and we hit 1 number. So we’ve lost. According to the rules of the Martingale betting system, we have to double our bet. So we use the same 8 numbers and we place a $2 bet. We hit 3, and we still get nothing back. So our next bet is a $4 wager on 8 numbers.

At this point, we are already $3 in the hole, so even if we match 4 numbers, we only get our stake back and we are still $3 in the hole. Of course, if we hit 5 numbers, we get a $24 win, giving us $21 profit, and even great returns if we hit more numbers. But keno is a difficult game to get a win when playing, so loses can start to mount up. If we missed with our $4 bet, our next bet would be $8, then $16 and then $32 and so on. Usually you only wager double figure amounts on keno when you are doing combination bets, because it is traditionally a low-stakes game because the returns are so great.

Plus, the main issue with the Martingale betting system starts to rear its ugly head again – table limits, or in this case, house limits on the amount you can bet on each game of keno. Every casino you play in will have a maximum bet on all of its games, whether it is roulette, slot machines or keno. This is to help limit a casino’s loses, because even casinos have a finite amount of money to lose. And when it comes to keno, many casinos have a maximum pay out. So even if your $64 bet hits all 8 numbers, depending on the house limits, you might not get your full $1,599,936, only a fraction of it.

The long and short of it is that using the Martingale system when playing keno is a bad idea all-round. First of all, there is no fun to be had when using the system to play keno – you are throwing good money after bad. Second of all, your loses will rack up much more quickly than they would using the Martingale on a game such as roulette because it is a lot hard to win playing keno. Finally, house limits on the amount you can bet when playing keno will hit quicker than most casino games and you will be left at the end of your progression with nowhere else to go, with a trail of loses behind you.

If you are wanting to play keno and want to win big, the Martingale betting system is not the way to do it. The best way to do it is stick to small $1 or $2 bets, pick a lot of numbers and hope you get lucky.

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