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Keno Roulette

If you’re an Australian, enjoy playing Keno games online, but are looking for something a little bit different, look no further than Keno Roulette – a thrilling mix of Keno and conventional roulette. The game provides you with a number of opportunities to win a cash prize, and you will be able to match numbers on your ticket with those that appear on the roulette wheel. Here is a review of Keno Roulette, focusing on the benefits, features, and rules of this game.

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What is Keno Roulette?

Keno Roulette is similar to Keno games that you may have played in the past but with a contemporary twist. The game combines elements of both roulette and Keno, and will involve you matching numbers on your ticket with those that appear on the roulette wheel. You’ll also be able to check the latest Keno Roulette results by entering the date you played your game, the number of games you played, the start game (subject to a 24 hour delay). This is a great way to check out your game history, and allow you to develop new techniques over time. Check out the instructions page if you have never played this game before. Here you will find information on pay scales, splits, corners, and bet types. You can refer to this page at any point during the game.

Keno Roulette features

Keno Roulette brings you a combination of two of the most popular casino games, and can be found on Keno Touch terminals that are located throughout the country. You will be able to play at a time that best suits you, and will be playing a virtual game rather than standard games in a regular casino. You can also play by using coupons or tickets. The virtual game utilizes the latest graphics and sound effects to create an authentic casino experience that you might find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Helpful information is kept on-screen at all times to make game play easier, such as your bet and the number of games that you are playing. You will also find information on the terminal such as the game number, the latest numbers that were generated, and a countdown timer to when the next game will be played. Further information about the game can be found on the Keno Roulette website.

How to play Keno Roulette

To play the standard game, you will need to mark your spend for each bet type on your ticket. You will then need to mark your bets (for example, ‘black’ or ‘red’, or first, second, or third dozen) on the ticket, and decide how many games that you want to play. When playing with splits and corners, you will also need to mark your spend for each bet type on the ticket, before marking your bets, and deciding how many games that you want to play.

Keno Roulette rules

Keno Roulette involves you matching numbers on your virtual ticket with those that are generated on-screen. To find a Keno Touch terminal that carries the game in a location near to you, just refer to the Keno Roulette website. Here you can type in your address, postcode, or location to bring up a list of Keno Touch terminals in your area. Many locations have several terminals, so you won’t have to wait if you want to play the game. The amount you win in the game will depend on your bet type, for example whether it’s straight up, column, row, dozens, or low or high.


Keno Roulette is a fun and thrilling game for anyone who enjoys conventional Keno and wants to try something a bit different. The game combines Keno with elements of roulette to create a different experience than you would find in many online casinos. The game is easy to play, with full instructions – ideal if you have never played a game in this genre before in the past, or even if you have played this game before. Utilizing the latest graphics and sound effects, the game provides you with plenty of opportunities to win and replicates the atmosphere of many ‘real world’ casinos. The game is fast-paced, so you will be able join a virtual roulette table whenever you want to play the game.

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