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Play Keno At Home

Keno is a great game. It’s easy, requires little to no knowledge to understand it and is a great game to play while with your friends. But let’s say you have a group of Keno fans over at your house and you would like to put together a game. In this article we will explain to you just how easy it is to play Keno from the comfort of your own home when and if you have some fellow Keno players with you. And nothing better then having a pile of drinks while playing

So to play Keno from home you will need to have the following items; Keno Cards, Keno Balls, something to hold the Keno Balls in, different colored pens or pencils to mark on the Keno Cards and a scoreboard to keep track or you and your friends games.

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Home Keno Balls

One of the main things you will need is the Keno Balls. You are going to need 80 of them so there are a couple of different options. The first and most easy, basic and cheap way is to have all 80 numbers written on pieces of paper. Although this method will work it can get messy as the paper numbers can easily get crumpled or lost.

The other method which is by far the better of the 2 is to use Ping Pong balls. They are relatively inexpensive and will quickly pay for themselves with the amount of enjoyment you will get from them. You will need to purchase 80 of them, buying extra is always a good idea. Next you will need a Sharpie Marker. By writing on the Ping Pong balls with a Sharpie the numbers can be large and easily readable and after dry they wont smudge.

For both methods you are going to need a place to hold and store the Keno numbers. I find an empty, clear plastic jug with a lid works best. But you can also use a plastic bag, hat, pillow case or anything that has the ability to hold the numbers.

Home Keno Cards

Now that we have the numbers figured out we will now need to have Keno Cards. Again there are different options to go about this. First lets go with the cheapest and easiest method. You can write out the numbers 1 – 80 on numerous pieces of paper but that’s a long and boring job so with this wonderful thing called the internet you can download a blank Keno card and print out a pile of them.

The second and far better option is to buy some dry erase boards and dry erase markers as well as a black permanent marker. You will use the permanent marker on the dry erase boards to write down the numbers 1- 80 in order. Allow the permanent marker to dry and you now have reusable Keno Cards. You can use the dry erase markers during game play. One color to select your numbers and another to mark the numbers you have caught. And after a game the Keno card can easily be wiped clean before the next game and will still be left with the numbers 1 – 80.

Home Keno Game-Play

Now that you have the Balls and Cards you are ready to play. You can elect to have one person as the designated ball drawer or can alternate throughout the night. Allow players a set amount of time to pick their numbers and once picked the players can’t change their numbers. It’s also recommend to have a blank dry erase board to keep track of each players record for the night.

You will also need to determine a pay-table. How much does each person win and how many numbers must a person catch to win. This is easy to find out as you can go to any online casino and have a look at their pay-table and print it out.

Best Keno Home Setup

If you’re serious about playing Keno from home then the below items are your best bet. They will last a long time, can be used over and over again and don’t take up much space when not being used. I have the below setup and we always have a great time while playing and I’m sure you will also.

  1. Keno numbers on ping pong balls
  2. A large empty plastic Jar with a lid
  3. Dry erase boards with numbers written in permanent marker
  4. Multi colored Dry Erase Markers
  5. A Blank dry erase board to keep track of the players record on the night.
  6. Pay-Table
  7. A Small box or bag to store all items in when not playing
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