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Keno Lingo, Glossary and Terminology

Keno is an easy game to learn and to play but with some of the terms used to explain various aspects of the game it might seem overwhelming to some people. In the following article we want to provide you with a glossary of the terminology used in keno games to help you better understand the terms and what they mean and by the end of this glossary you’ll hopefully understand all the terminology and realize it is just fancy names for basic actions involved with the wonderful game of Keno.

For players familiar with Keno use this as a resource to refresh your knowledge and for players new to keno use this as a place to learn all there is to know about Keno and you’ll soon sound like a seasoned veteran of the game.

  • Bet: Fairly straight forward here, the amount a player is willing to spend on any one game
  • Cage: The place where the Keno balls are stored before they are drawn for a game
  • Call: A way to describe the act of the numbers being drawn
  • Catch: A very important term in the game of Keno. To catch a number means to match a number you have chosen to a number that was drawn so if you were to catch 5 that would mean you matched 5 numbers
  • Combination Ticket: A ticket you have bet with numerous wagers on it
  • Draw: The act of the 20 numbers being drawn at random
  • Draw Sheet: The list of numbers called from a game
  • Group: Numbers circled on a card by a player to be seen as a way on the ticket
  • Hit: when one of you numbers matches a drawn number
  • House: The Casino you’re playing at
  • House Edge: The way casinos make money
  • Jackpots: Progressive games accumulate a jackpot to be won by various predetermined actions
  • Keno Balls: The balls that are numbered 1-80 that are drawn from the cage that you are trying to catch
  • Keno Board: Place where numbers are shown as they are drawn allowing players to follow along
  • Keno Lounge: A place in a casino dedicated to keno players
  • Limit: The total amount a casino will pay out to all winners in a game of Keno
  • Live Keno: Keno played with the balls being drawn live
  • Multi Card Keno: A version of Keno similar to normal single card Keno just with multiple cards
  • Net Win: Your winnings minus the amount wagered on winning ticket
  • Odds: The chance in a percentage form that you will win
  • Payout Table: A chart showing the winning amount for each bet type
  • Progressive: A term where the jackpot continues to grow until it is won
  • Quick Pick: A way to have you numbers chosen for you at random
  • Race: A game of Keno
  • Rate: The price paid for each wager on a ticket
  • Spots: Another important terms when it comes to Keno, Spots are just the numbers you have chosen
  • Ticket: Where you choose the numbers you are going to play during a game of Keno
  • Video Keno: A version of Keno played on a computer of machine, similar to a slot machine
  • Wager: The money you have determined to bet on a game of Keno
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  • Winning Numbers: the MOST important aspect of Keno is the winning numbers. These are just the numbers drawn for a single game of keno.

Well hopefully this glossary was helpful in explaining the terminology of Keno and you now realize that all the terms you may have been unfamiliar with are actually quite easy to understand. For all New players feel free to keep this open while playing Keno to help you follow along while playing.

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