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Golden Egg Keno

Posted on 10/21/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Developed by PlayPearls, Golden Egg Keno was released on January 15, 2018; it is the second game in the developer’s Golden line, which also includes Golden Stars, Golden Dragon (March 2018) and Golden Potion (February 2018). Themes: personification, nesting, poultry and farmland. Golden Egg Keno Game Characteristics Golden Egg Keno is set on a rural […]

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Firefly Keno

Posted on 10/14/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

On July 8, 2016, 1X2 Gaming launched the oriental keno variant called Firefly Keno, which is partly named after the fireflies that show up during the gameplay. Thematic elements range from luck and pagoda to Chinese lanterns, writing system (Hanzi), guardian lion, and wood carving. Firefly Keno Game Characteristics The Firefly Keno’s loading page may […]

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Keno Pokie Machines at Online Casinos

Posted on 10/13/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

You may be a fan of keno pokie machines but you really need to play online keno – The chances of winning in this type of keno are much higher. If you are looking for high-quality pokies online for Keno, then there are many good ones out there. The minimum payout and odds of the […]

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Disco Keno

Posted on 10/07/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Developed by Inbet Games and released on February 12, 2019; this Disco Keno variant is third in the developer’s Disco gaming line that also contains Disco Spin Pull Tabs (April 2019) and Disco Spin 3X4 (February 2020). Other InBet’s nightlife-themed games include Keno Neon (2018), Vegas Night (2018), and Vegas Night Deluxe (2018). Themes: retro, […]

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Book of Keno

Posted on 09/30/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Games developer Evoplay Entertainment launched Book of Keno on October 16, 2020. Xmas Keno (December 2020) is another keno variant from Evoplay whose other Egyptian games are Temple of Dead (January 2021), Temple of Dead: Bonus Buy (August 2021), Legends of Ra (October 2017), and Egypt Gods (October 2016). Themes: mysticism, treasure, hieroglyphs, ancient Egypt, […]

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Banana Keno

Posted on 09/23/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Launched on August 21, 2020, Banana Keno is a banana-themed keno game from Caleta Gaming whose similar games are Jungle Keno (August 2020), Magical Keno (August 2020), and Halloween Keno (July 2021). Banana Keno Game Characteristics Banana Keno is set in a grassy clearing in a tropical rainforest. A stony waterfall separates the bamboo-framed 10X8 […]

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Amaterasu Keno

Posted on 09/16/21 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Amaterasu Keno is an oriental online game whose developer Mascot Games launched it in December 1, 2019. “Amaterasu” is a Japanese word, referring to the sun goddess whose lineage is associated with the Japanese royal family. Amaterasu Keno is the first in the Amaterasu gaming line that also contains The Book of Amaterasu (June 2021). […]

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What is Super Spot Keno?

Posted on 03/29/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Found on multi-game machines, usually, in casinos; Super Spot Keno, is a Keno-based game. This means that this is a game of chance, and the player has the chance to win more money, than they originally invest. Similar to Power Keno, Super Spot Keno adds additional multipliers. The player can get a multiplier for hitting […]

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What is Redneck Keno?

Posted on 03/22/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Redneck Keno is one of the many variants of regular Keno. This fun variation is found on U1 Gaming’s multi-game machines which can be found in many places all over Las Vegas. You can also play this version online right in the comfort of your own home if the casino sight you sign up with […]

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What is Keno Heads or Tails?

Posted on 03/15/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Keno Heads or Tails is a variant of the game Keno. In Keno Heads or Tails, the player has the chance to double the amount of payout played, or even quadruple the payout amount. Keno is a crossbreed game of other games, and can be found in various casinos. This includes online casinos, as well. […]

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