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Best Online Slots to Play During the FIFA World Cup

Posted on 12/04/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

If you’re a football fan and a lover of online slot machines, then you may want to check out some of these popular football-themed online slot machines during the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled to get underway on Sunday, November 20th. These top-rated soccer-themed slots have wide betting ranges, plenty […]

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Use These 3 Easy Card-Counting Strategies to Demolish the House Edge

Posted on 11/28/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

There is great significance in learning and adhering to basic blackjack strategy. By strictly adhering to fundamental strategy, a player at a table with favorable regulations can cut the house’s edge against them to less than half of 1 percent. Due to this, blackjack is widely considered one of the most advantageous games in the […]

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Red Card Keno

Posted on 10/15/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Red Card is a 2019 keno game developed by Gluck Games. This soccer-themed variant is named after a referee’s disciplinary card that dismisses players whom it is showed. Red Card Keno Game Characteristics Red Card’s starting page indicates the 43 trophies that the players should unveil to win payouts that are nullified if 1+ of […]

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Keno Live

Posted on 10/08/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Keno Live is a simple live variant released by PlayNow. Keno Live Game Characteristics Keno Live has a white game board, with gray 1-80 numbers on its two 10X4 grids. Wager per draw: $1 (minimum), $2, $5, or $10 (maximum). Tapping aside, the 1-10 selections can also be picked at random by toggling “quick pick” […]

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Xmas Keno Cat

Posted on 10/01/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Xmas Keno Cat is a festivity-related December 2020 game from Evoplay Entertainment. Themes: cat, and Christmas gifts and decorations. Xmas Keno Cat Game Characteristics The starting page has a quick three-page guide: advising players to make up to five selections from a pool of 1-30 numbers; shows game-starting and bet-clearing icons; and informs about the […]

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Posted on 09/24/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

XKeno is a March 2018 live keno from Inbet Games whose similar live games include Keno Live (May 2018), Keno Night, and Keno Neon (2018). This vintage game’s playing sessions are coordinated between many players. XKeno Game Characteristics XKeno has a mint green game board, with dotted white 1-80 numbers. After loading, a player may […]

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Tropical Vacation Keno

Posted on 09/17/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Tropical Vacation Keno is a 2016 game developed by Grand Vision Gaming. Themes: Hawaiian culture, beach vacation, and tropics. Tropical Vacation Keno Game Characteristics Clicking “play now” on the loading page leads to the brown-framed orange-and-white grid—has 1-80 numbers—that is set in a Hawaiian island beach, with colorful beach chairs and umbrellas under palm trees. […]

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Play Your Favourite Keno game at different casinos

Posted on 09/13/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

I find online keno very interesting. When it comes to playing slots, for example, I find that I have a loyalty towards a few specific slots, but I will also play a variety of other slots. With keno over the years, I find I stick to just one or maybe two different keno games. I’ll […]

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Top Bottom Keno

Posted on 09/10/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

This Top Bottom Keno version—other suchlike variants do exist—was developed by Action Gaming and is exclusive to the developer’s site Video Poker. Its name “Top Bottom” relates to the player’s tendency to bet on the top 40 or bottom 40 selections. Top Bottom Keno Game Characteristics Top Bottom Keno’s game board—with yellow numbers in purple […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose FreeslotsHUB for Playing Online Slots

Posted on 08/31/22 by Dr. Keno No Comments

I’m a big fan of the websites out there that allow you to play slots for free online. I’ve been using these sites since the early 2000s, back when Casino Lemonade was the first real website to do this to a professional degree. Sometimes I just like to kick back and play some slots with […]

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