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What is Super Spot Keno?

Posted on 03/29/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Found on multi-game machines, usually, in casinos; Super Spot Keno, is a Keno-based game. This means that this is a game of chance, and the player has the chance to win more money, than they originally invest. Similar to Power Keno, Super Spot Keno adds additional multipliers. The player can get a multiplier for hitting […]

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What is Redneck Keno?

Posted on 03/22/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Redneck Keno is one of the many variants of regular Keno. This fun variation is found on U1 Gaming’s multi-game machines which can be found in many places all over Las Vegas. You can also play this version online right in the comfort of your own home if the casino sight you sign up with […]

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What is Keno Heads or Tails?

Posted on 03/15/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Keno Heads or Tails is a variant of the game Keno. In Keno Heads or Tails, the player has the chance to double the amount of payout played, or even quadruple the payout amount. Keno is a crossbreed game of other games, and can be found in various casinos. This includes online casinos, as well. […]

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What is High/Low/Middle Keno?

Posted on 03/08/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Keno is a popular lottery game that began in China centuries ago. There is some mystery that surrounds the origins of the game but one thing is certain, people love it all over the globe. Some of the stories that you may hear is that the proceeds of the game, initially were used in the […]

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What is Extra Draw Keno?

Posted on 03/01/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Extra Draw Keno game is almost similar to a lottery. If you are a fan of lottery games, then you are likely to play this game. In Extra Draw keno, players are required to select a maximum of twenty numbers. What is Extra Draw Keno? Extra Draw Keno operates like the conventional keno, only that […]

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What is Circus Keno?

Posted on 02/22/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

If you are an avid machine game player or have even traveled to Las Vegas or Reno, you have probably seen some the Keno machines made by U1 Gaming. They are interesting little machines that focus on multiple small bets but give fun additions to the game that can make it very interesting. Circus Keno […]

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What is Balloon Game Keno?

Posted on 02/15/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Balloon Game Keno is a Keno-based game. It is a digital game similar to Caveman Keno. Much like the other Keno games, this is a game of man versus chance. Chance, usually, wins. Game Objectives The player will choose numbers ranging from one to eighty. Out of these eighty numbers, the player can have their […]

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40-Ball Keno: Where And How to Play

Posted on 02/08/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Keno is said to have originated in China thousands of years ago. Whether it is true or not, what we know is that the game has remained popular despite having been around for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years. It is still one of the most popular games in the modern and traditional casinos. Keno […]

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What are keno patterns?

Posted on 02/01/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

You might be a fan of Keno game at your nearest pub, but playing Keno online has its benefits and charm. You can play Keno game online from anywhere be it at your home or office. You also stand a chance of winning higher payouts as compared to playing land-based keno game. You might have […]

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Video Keno Patterns: Fact or Fiction?

Posted on 01/25/18 by Dr. Keno No Comments

Almost everyone who play keno vouches by a certain method to play the game in the best possible way. Some players believe in lucky numbers and always put their bets only on their favorite number while others like playing the corners. Then there are those who chooses numbers which are in a vertical or horizontal […]

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