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Our top online Keno casinos in New Zealand revealed

When people think of casino games, they may think of games like roulette and blackjack first of all, but in the modern age, there are many other games out there. In fact, there are more being released all the time. One game that certainly isn’t new, but is growing in online casinos, is the game of Keno.

In this guide, we’re exploring what Keno is, as well as some of the top online casinos where this game can be played along with a host of other games.

What is Keno?

Keno is an ancient game with Chinese origins, which is thought to have roots that extend to 2,000 years ago.

The game is played with tickets that have numbers inside squares, just like bingo and other lotto games. They’re often numbered 1-80. Players mark the numbers they want to, up to an agreed maximum. When they hand in the ticket, the numbers are recorded. At intervals, 20 balls or pellets are drawn, historically from a container but now using a random number generator. Players can win based on how many of their chosen numbers are matches.

Keno’s method of play is similar to many modern lottery games that allow players to choose their numbers, and this ability to choose helps to add something to the game for a lot of people. This is why so many online casinos offer Keno.

A lot of players are surprised when they learn that there is a strategy to Keno and people even analyze things like the most drawn Keno numbers, choosing a way to play based on a strategy and risk tolerance.

How to choose a Keno casino

So, what makes a good casino for the game of Keno? Players who want to choose a casino should be on the lookout for certain functions and features, such as:

  • Bonuses: There are a lot of Keno casinos that offer a bonus to their players, often upon signup when they set up an account. For example, there may be an added bonus such as free plays and even free bets when a player makes a deposit for the first time.
  • Functionality: The casino should be easy to use and navigate, rather than being confusing and clunky. With so many casino brands in New Zealand and options for people who want to play Keno, there’s really no need for any player to put up with a site that doesn’t function the way they want it to.
  • Security: A safe and secure site is nothing short of essential. Any website where players are going to be depositing money and giving their personal details must be totally secure for those players.
  • Other games: Though we’re focusing on the game of Keno here, there are a lot of Keno players who enjoy other games too, and it is certainly logical for those players to choose a casino brand that offers other games. Many offer other traditional casino games as well as providing thousands of slot games. A variety of games available to play should be part of any consumer’s criteria as some want to play baccarat and other games.
  • Types of Keno and Keno bets: Keno itself has a few different varieties and ways of playing and gambling, some of the playing modes are dips, which means a random number is chosen from a line of numbers. Some Keno games allow players to choose all the numbers for the draw, and some of the other games provide a way for players to keep their favorites in the app or on the website, which allows players to call up these numbers for future games.

Top Keno casino brands

Let’s dive into some of the top casino brands where Keno is available and the casino sites that are available in New Zealand for players to check out:

Spin Casino

Spin Casino has created a huge name for itself with a history of over 20 years and has thousands of players logging in daily to play one of thousands of games. Spin Casino is one of the homes of Microgaming games in New Zealand, so there is a wide variety of slot games as well as traditional table games.

Its Keno offerings are simple to use and there are a few options for bet types. There are also some pretty good bonuses for players who are signing up. As you would expect, the site is very fair and secure for all players.

Online slots are the most popular way for players to enjoy the games on Spin Casino, but there are also table games. Those who want to can also bet on different sports markets.

Spin Casino’s banking options are another big advantage as players can deposit and withdraw in exactly the way they want to, whether that means e-wallets or using your bank cards.

Gaming Club Casino

The Gaming Club Casino has many Keno games for players to enjoy, making them one of the top options for those who want to play this ancient Chinese game.

On top of that, there is a lot to like about Gaming Club Casino, including the fact that they have a huge variety of games.

The site is largely powered by the Microgaming titles already mentioned, meaning that slot players have some all-time classic games available. These are just some of the games, and other providers also make games available through the Gaming Club Casino.

Gaming Club Casino has a range of casino games that provide some variation for players, even if they prefer table games. You’ll find options such as multi hand blackjack, multi fire roulette, and added dice and Sic Bo games that are less frequently found at some of the top NZ casinos.

King Billy Casino

Another site that offers casino gamblers the chance to play Keno is King Billy casino, a character-based casino with cool branding and plenty to like for players.

The payouts are instant and the casino supports many different methods to move money around your King Billy Casino account.

The site is known for offering excellent support around the clock as well as having over 3,000 different games from plenty of casino suppliers. This means that there are loads of options for players, such as slot games and traditional card games, as well as some quirky variations.

The signup bonuses for King Billy Casino are also among some of the more generous that are offered by casino brands in New Zealand, so players can sign up and get free spins as well as matched deposits and bonus funds to gamble with, helping to make King Billy a viable option for a lot of gamers. Their site also functions perfectly on mobile, making them a great option for playing Keno on the go.


Whether players want to play Keno and Keno alone, or they’d rather be able to play a lot of different games including Keno, there are plenty of Kiwi casinos that can provide a platform to do so.

New Zealand has a regulated industry with lots of trusted casino brands, all competing to provide the best possible offers for players.

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