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Why Are There More Pro Poker Players Than Blackjack Players?

Of all the card games you can find in a casino, blackjack, and poker are the two leaders, way ahead of any other game in the pack in terms of popularity. Some European casinos draw a decent-sized crowd for baccarat games, but even the biggest baccarat tournaments pail in comparison to the biggest poker tournaments.

Poker is the most well-known professional casino game, with tournaments taking place all over the world daily. The world’s top professional players can make millions of dollars through a handful of games. Still, elite ability and technique reside with a select few in the top percentile of poker players. Knowing how to poker strategize and psychologically assess your opponent’s ticks and weaknesses to try and take advantage of their flaws are all huge components that great players know how to do exceptionally well.

Although professional poker players exist, it is essential to remember that the whole point of casino gaming is to have fun. You shouldn’t see it as a form of income; you should only view it as entertainment. If you’re aiming to become a professional, it takes a lot of time and practice, and even if you have years of experience or talent, there’s still no guarantee you could turn it into a living.

Is Poker The Only Casino Game With A Professional Standard?

Poker is the only casino game with a broad set of professional players who all make a comfortable living from the iconic card game. Games like slot machines, roulette, and craps rely on mathematical probability. While poker has an element of that, too, that is simply one small element of a much bigger picture.

If you’re playing virtual or video poker, which doesn’t involve psyching out other players at a table or reading body language, then probabilities and calculating whether you have a mathematical chance of coming out on top carry much more weight. The same applies right across the scope of other casino games, even lesser-played games such as keno, where the impact of strategy is minimal to none.

So There’s No Such Thing As A Professional Blackjack Player?

It’s difficult to say; there’s certainly nowhere near the same scope or marketplace for a professional blackjack league as there is for professional poker, and there are many components to consider.

Firstly, and most importantly, there’s no way to psych out your opponent or try to gain a mental advantage at the table. This is because poker hands, individual games, and tournaments are slow, drawn-out affairs with many caveats, and the fortunes of each player at the table can change as each card is revealed. In addition, poker tournaments often have a lot of history, tradition, and a considerable following of people keen to watch high-stakes games unfold.

Secondly, blackjack is a much more fast-paced affair, with far less strategy and relying almost exclusively on the quality of the first two cards you are dealt. Although some gamblers claim to be professional blackjack players, being able to find any of them would be a mammoth task on its own.

While certain mystical methods, such as card counting, do exist in blackjack, and they are proven to work if you’re a mathematical genius, it is so challenging to implement such a strategy that it would defeat the whole purpose of unwinding and having a game of blackjack in a casino in the first place.

Other Types Of Professional Gambling

Some sports gamblers claim to be professional gamblers in their field. Although having vast knowledge of a specific sport will give you an advantage over somebody who doesn’t, there’s no guarantee that even if you apply theory right to the bone of your wager, there could easily be an unforeseen occurrence that invalidates the entire bet.

Some examples include if you bet big on a boxer but the match ends in a draw or a no contest. Other examples include spending hours researching a sports team, their best players, their form, and the previous head-to-heads, only for all that information to count for nothing in the end.

The internet is a strange place, and although you can find many beneficial resources, you can also find many people who claim to have winning strategies for blackjack, roulette, and sports betting. The bottom line is, anybody who claims to have a winning formula for any of these casino games isn’t telling the truth, it’s a game of luck and chance, and it’s out of your control.


You will save a lot of time and effort if you’re looking for ways to become a professional blackjack player by simply not bothering with this pursuit. While some Hollywood movies and TV shows might depict that card counting as a viable way of earning money in blackjack, it isn’t the case in reality.

As well as being unbelievably tricky to master, it is also something that will see you banned from most casinos if they realize you’re trying to pull off this technique.

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