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Keno Scratch Card Blog #2

woo-hoo, scratch card time.

In the last blog we went with a $3 instant keno scratch ticket, and came within 1 number of an $1100 win. So bloody close!

We’re going with the same type of scratch card this time – a $3 instant keno. Except this one is RED:

So pretty. Red is my favourite colour and the theme of this site, surely it is a good sign.

As you see – prizes range from $3 to $50,000. And we will get exactly 20 Keno numbers, and need 10 for the big prize.

Easy pease, lemon squeezy.

Alright let’s get rolling and scratch off the first row of numbers:

65, 10, 64, 76, 76. A good start for the high prizes as we get 2 off $1,000 and 2 off $50,000. Also 2 off $100.

Let’s keep going….

So on the 2nd row, we have 34, 32, 53, 63, 02. So another 1 off the $50,000 mark although with 7 left out of 10 numbers the odds of that happening aren’t too good.

$100 however – that’s looking better. We need just 3 more out of 10 numbers for the big win. Let’s go for it:

Well that was a big one – 38, 49, 66, 08, 59. It helped us with 2 numbers in the $1,000 row meaning we need just 3 numbers in there. We also still need 2 in the $100 column – I didn’t scratch 59.

Of course at this stage we have the $3 prize waiting on just 58. Hopefully we can at least snag that one to get our money back.

Let’s do it…5 numbers left…..

First number: 43.

That means we need just 1 in the $100 column which is number 46.

Second number: 7.

Third number: 19.

Fourth number: 57.

Boom. That was in the $1,000 column. Now we need:

58 for $3
46 for $100
20 for $1,000

And the final number is……..



Here’s the final keno scratchcard:

Oh well what can ya do. Still nice to come close and some excitement in that final row.

I’ll be back in a few days with another Keno scratch card. Hopefully we can pick up a winner at some point. I just wish I could find a real nice game – it’d be sick to find something like Power Keno in scratch card form.

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