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Keno Scratch Card Blog #1

While I’m mostly an online gambler, I’m such a fan of Keno that I can never help but buy a scratch ticket at the local corner store. If whatever I buy comes to $16-$17 and I am paying with a $20 I’ll always cave and say “Hey give me one of those Keno scratch cards”.

I don’t think there are any Keno scratch cards online – and even if there is, why would I buy them when I could play actual online keno?

I thought it would be fun(and an excuse to buy more) if every time I buy one, I share it on here in the blog and we go through it step by step and see how I do.

Hey who knows maybe I’ll get a nice big win! Good karma for entertaining you guys!

Alright so the first card we are doing is Instant Keno. It’s $3. The top prize is a whopping $50k and you need 10 numbers for that. The Keno game will give you 20 numbers so I “only” need to get 50% of the numbers. Not bad right?

So let’s scratch the first set of numbers:

We have 7, 62, 70, 53, 68.

So that’s pretty good. We have 2 numbers in the $1,000 field and 2 in the $100 field. Great start. Also 1 in the $5 field.

Next row:

46, 31, 32, 71, 40.

Not a good one. We miss out on the $5/$100/$1000 fields. We did get 3 in the $5,000 field though which was nice.

Let’s move on to row 3 on the Keno board with 10 numbers remaining:

Alright I even pre-scratched them on that one. 55, 36, 20, 33,15.

So we’re looking pretty good. Unfortunately the two easy ones – $3 and $5, we’re SOL it looks like. But we need just 16, 27 and 51 to hit $1,000 with 5 numbers left. Not too shabby. Also 19, 23 and 51 for $100 which I’ll also take!

So let’s do the final numbers.

First number: 27.

Second number: 16.

3 more numbers left. All we need is 51 and we will win $1,000.

Third number: 19.

Fourth number: 23..

1 number left. All we need is #51 and we will win $1100 now, as that is the $100 field all complete.

And the last number……

…dromroll please…



Well here’s the final Keno board:

What can I say – at least I got my $3 worth of enjoyment out of it. It was nice having just 1 number left to win $1100, and also 3 numbers left to win $1000. That’s where a lot of the fun comes from the scratch cards. It reminds me of winning the lottery – or rather, buying lottery tickets. You’re not buying them just to win the money – it’s the dreams that come with it, the conversations you have with people and just the potential of winning.

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