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What is Multi Card Keno?

Multi Card Keno is exactly what it says it is; it’s Keno with the option of adding multiple cards.

The same rule and guidelines apply to Multi card Keno as they do to Single Card Keno with the obvious difference being the amount of cards and numbers you are able to play. In Multi card Keno players have the option of playing 2 cards, 3 cards or any number of cards up to 7 cards in total. Players are also able to choose 15 different numbers for each card so if you wanted to you could choose numbers 1 through 15 for card number 1, numbers 16 through 30 for card number 2, numbers 31 through 45 for card number 3 and so on and so forth thus covering a large percentage of the board per single round of Keno.

Players MUST bet the same amount on each card played, so if you were playing all 7 cards and wanted to bet $5.00 on card number 1 then you MUST bet $5.00 on card number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 effectively making your total bet for the round $35.00 ($5.00 bet X 7 cards = $5.00 X 7 = $35.00). With the added cards and numbers it greatly improves your chances of winning but on the other side of the coin with the added amount of cards and numbers it greatly increases you betting amount.

Due to the fact that for each card played the player has to bet the same amount per card played each game of Multi Card Keno will cost you more money on your original bet, up to 7 times to be exact, but it also gives you better chances of winning, up to 7 times better chances. Where in Single Card Keno you only have one card and one set of numbers to worry about, you’ll have anywhere from 2 through 7 sets of numbers and cards to keep track of.

But higher risk equals higher reward and if you wanted to you could choose the same set of numbers for all 7 cards per round and if you were to catch a large number of numbers and win a whole BUNCH of money, well in Multi Card you could times that huge payout by 7 but in single you would only win once. But for some players keeping track of 1 card and 1 set of numbers is more their style and that’s perfectly ok, but some players who a looking for some more excitement and a version of the game that keeps the player more involved then this version is for those players.

Everybody has that friend, the one who is always in a bad mood and feels the need to drag everyone else down “Keno is boring” says Debbie Downer “It’s just like bingo or the lotto”, well Debbie I would have to disagree and would like introduce you to the wonderful world of Multi card Keno. It’s fast paced, action packed and it has an excitement level rivaled by very few games in the casino world, it’s like Keno on Speed. So if you enjoy playing single card Keno you’ll surely love this version but if you or people you know find Single Card boring then by all means give this version a try I guarantee this will change your opinion of Keno. With added cards and added numbers brings higher payout chances and a higher excitement level. Keno players, no matter the skill level, will really truly enjoy this fast paced take on one of the oldest games known to man.

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