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Where To Play Multi Card Keno Online

WINADAY all the way!

So if you’re looking and searching the internet for a place to Play Multi Card Keno Online stop wasting your time and go directly to WinADay Casino. Do not pass go, do not collect $200!! Well actually you WILL be able to collect $200 – or even more with their awesome Multi Card Keno deposit bonus.

Just go there now and in this article I’ll tell you why. The easiest way to answer this question is by first saying that they are the only option out there to play multi card keno online, plan and simple. But just because they are the only option out there doesn’t mean that they do a piss poor job of it the opposite actually they do the best job at it and my guess is this is why no other online casinos offer it they just can’t compete so why should they bother.

Here’s a screenshot of it:


It’s quick, easy and completely free to join WINADAY and you can play for free or with real money now who doesn’t love having that option. WINADAY Has some of the BEST promotions you’ll ever find online here are just a few that I love and have taken advantage of which you can check it out for yourself at WinADay Casino:

  • Free $50 for every $500 deposited so they give you ten percent back of what you deposit and that’s a nice touch
  • $500 Registration Bonus- register and deposit as little as $25 or as much as $250 and WINADAY will match your first 5 deposits in total up to $500
    1st Deposit – 100% up to $100
    2nd Deposit – 25% up to $62.50
    3rd Deposit – 25% up to $62.50
    4th Deposit – 25% up to $62.50
    5th Deposit – 85% up to $212.50
  • Winners Every Day Draw – Every day a random player who has deposited and played in the past 7 days will be chosen to win the Winners Every Day Draw. Players can win up to $100, depending on the amount being deposited on that specific day! Basically, the more money deposited by all players combined on any day the higher the amount to be won. You can get a $100 bonus just for depositing and playing! If you don’t win today, there will always be another Winners Every Day Draw tomorrow and you could be the lucky $100 draw winner! At WINADAY Their will be winner every day.

  • At WINADAY, Multi Card Keno is so very easy to play. It’s all done through they’re flash casino so there is no download required to play. All that is needed is Adobe Flash Player (if you need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player you can get it HERE. It’s quick and free) and it will work in any and all browsers.

    The version of Multi Card Keno at WINADAY is called “Power Keno” and it’s easy to find: first, after registering of course, click on the games options after which you’ll be taken to a screen filled with games along the top of the screen is a line of tabs one being titled “others” simply choose the “others” tab and the first game listed will be Power Keno just select it and enjoy. The game just looks AMAZING it’s so smooth running and fast you will love it just take a second to study the screen and youll quickly see all the buttons you’re looking for and away you go!!

    So with these things I have mentioned plus SO many more go have a look at WinADay Casino and see for yourself why I love POWER KENO its fast, exciting, incredibly easy to use, very slick looking, cool graphics and sound effects there really isn’t anything bad to say about it well maybe that it’s too addictive or that they should have an IPHONE APP but that’s for another story

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