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Play Multi Card Keno on Windows

There is only one place out there to play Multi Card Keno for Windows and that’s at WinADay Casino and the amazing Multi Card Keno game they offer there called Power Keno.

WINADAY is a flash casino and will run using your current internet browser but will run on any of them including: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. You can’t download it but once you see how well this game looks sounds, plays and feels you’ll quickly see there is no need to download it. You can play this amazing adaptation of Keno using any windows operating system from Windows 95 all the way up to Windows 8 they are all compatible with Power Keno and WINADAY Casino and will run completely smooth and fine on any of them(No word on if it will work on DOS yet). All you’ll need to play Multi Card Power Keno at WINADAY is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and you ready to enjoy this amazing version of an already cool game.

Once there you will first have to register (it’s quick, easy and completely free) then you will select the “Games” menu option from there you will select the tab titled “Others” and it will be the first game listed. You’ll quickly see they went all out with this version from the graphics and sounds to the complete ease of playability. And how they make a game browser based run so quick and flawlessly you would swear you had downloaded it but it’s all done through your browser.

They give users the option to play for free or for real money, and if you decided to play with real money they have some amazing deposit bonuses available to players just for signing up like a $500.00 registration bonus and daily money giveaways to name a few but they have new deposit bonuses coming out all the time so always check out the promotions page under the main menu. What I enjoyed was playing and practicing for free until I caught a winning streak then switching over to real money to continue my streak and I won HUGE!

During your first few games of Power Keno you’ll notice just how amazingly fast and smooth this game runs. You will see when playing with multiple cards just how quick and easy it is to switch between cards and how fast each game is from the time you pick you cards and numbers and have the controls figured out(which will take you all of about 15 seconds to do) you can play a game with 7 cards and different numbers on each card and in all it will take about 30 seconds. It’s a great game for people who have a bunch of lucky numbers and for players who don’t yet have any lucky numbers they have an amazing quick pick feature allowing players to determine how many numbers are picked at random for them from 1 number up to 15. When a game works so well and runs so fast your winning streaks help to pad you bank account like no other game!

So with Power Keno you are getting the best game of Keno you’ll ever play. It looks amazing, sounds great, runs like dream and offers players something almost unheard off when it comes to online casinos and that’s an excitement level you’ll rarely find elsewhere while not taking anything away from this game in terms of strategy and method. So go ahead and give Power Keno a try and you’ll see why I’m so hooked on this game.

Check it out – WinADay Casino.

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