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Play Multi Card Keno on Mac

Now that you know how to play single card Keno it’s time to up the excitement level and winning amounts and give Multi Card Keno a try! There is only one place to play Multi Card Keno and that’s at WinADay Casino where they offer an amazing Multi Card Keno experience called POWER KENO.

There is no download available or required because WINADAY is a flash casino and all that is required to play there is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. WINADAY and Power Keno use only your browser and any and all browser types will work: Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or whatever your current web browser is will work just fine.

After a free, quick and easy registration you are ready to go so what you looking for is the main menu option called “Games” and it is located at the top left of the options surrounding the WINADAY Logo. Once chosen “games” will open a list of all available game to play at WINADAY but what you are looking for is Power Keno and the quickest way to get to it is by clicking the fourth tab from the left at the top of the screen titled” Others” once you have clicked it this will bring up a list of games and the first game listed is Power Keno.

Power Keno has two options for users: Free and Real Money, fairly self-explanatory I like to use the free method to warm up and work on my strategy and the real money method to go on long and fruitful winning streaks which will earn you huge amounts of money and you can watch your bank account climb higher and higher.

Also worth mentioning is that for people interested in playing with real money they have some really cool deposit bonuses from giving you a free $500.00 dollars to being entered into a daily draw for depositing once a week to being entered in a draw just for playing once using real money. All of these things are essentially free money and I don’t know about you but that’s my favorite kind of money the free kind!! But don’t forget to check the promotions page often as they offer new bonuses all the time like deals of the week and month etc.

These games Sounds amazing, looks even better and has the best pick up and playability that new users and Keno pros will all appreciate it. This game has so many great features a few of my favorite are:

  • Quick Pick: Randomly picks numbers for you and users can determine how many numbers are randomly chosen for them
  • A Handy payout table: located at the right side of the screen, clicking on this option will bring up an easy to understand pay table to see what you will win and how many you need to catch to win
  • Auto play feature: After choosing your cards and which numbers to play you can select the Auto play feature which will continue to play those cards and numbers for 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 games continuously

These are just some of the great features this game offers and there is so much more that you’ll just have to see and experience for yourself. So go and give Power Keno a try at WinADay Casino just remember to check for deposit bonuses and don’t forget to play for free the first few times until you catch a winning streak after that it’s up to you to determine how much money you feel like winning!

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