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Multi Card Keno Rules

The only time in life where you WANT to catch some spots!
Keno has been around since the 1800s and is incredibly popular for many reasons a few of them being it’s exciting, fun and very easy to pick up and play and when you add in the ability to play using Multiple Cards it just makes the game so much more enjoyable and adds to the excitement. Keno is similar to Bingo or Lotto and not just because they all end in O but because you are essentially just matching numbers; the more you match the more you win.

Do you have lucky numbers? A pattern of numbers you favor? Your wife’s measurements? Maybe your birthday or phone number? It doesn’t matter why you choose them they are YOUR favorite/lucky numbers.

For people new to Multi Card Keno, feel free to go to WinADay Casino and play along its free to sign up and you can play for free. Here’s a screenshot of WinADay Casinos “Power Keno” game in action:


When selecting numbers they are often referred to as a Spot, so if you were to play only 5 numbers it would be a “5-spot” and when you match a number or numbers it is referred to as a Catch, so if you were to Catch 8 numbers it would mean 8 of the numbers you selected were drawn and it would pay you quite well. To begin you decide how many cards you would like to play, you can play 1 card or 7 cards or any amount between 1 and 7, keeping in mind the more cards you play the better chance you have at winning.

Next you select which numbers you would like to play, again keeping in mind the more numbers you play, the better chance you have that you will potentially match these numbers thus ensuring a higher payout. The last step is to determine how much you would like to bet per card, you MUST bet the same amount on all cards so if you bet $1.00 on card number 1 then you must also bet $1.00 on all other cards you play, no more or no less than that $1.00. Start with card number 1, select your numbers, anywhere between 1 and 15 numbers, out of the 80 numbers available.

Your next step is to repeat the process you went through with card number 1 on card number 2 then card 3 and so on and so forth. After you have finished choosing the amount of cards and numbers for each card then you are ready for the numbers to be drawn. 20 numbers will be drawn at random and the goal is for you to match as many of the numbers you picked to the 20 numbers drawn, the more you match the more you win. For this example we will play with 4 cards using the maximum amount of numbers, 15, per card wagering $1.00 on all cards.

So for card number 1 I will choose numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 for card number 2 I’ll choose numbers 16-30, for card number 3 I’ll choose numbers 31-45 and for card number 4 I’ll choose, that’s right you guessed it numbers 46-60. Now for the draw the numbers that get drawn let’s say are: 2, 8, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 29, 30, 46, 49, 50, 59, 63, 67, 72, 75, and 80.

The payout table pays you a percentage of your wager based on the amount of numbers you match and all casinos have different amounts they pay for numbers matched but for this example the payout table will look like this:


So based on our example I managed to catch:
Card #1- 3/15
Card #2- 8/15
Card #3- 0/15
Card #4- 4/15

So based on the Payout Table and the $1.00 bet placed the winnings would look like this:
Card #1- $1.00 X 0.5 = $0.50
Card #2- $1.00 X 15 = $15.00
Card #3- $1.00 X 0 = $0.00
Card #4 – $1.00 X 0.5 = $0.50

So our winnings for this round would be $12.00:
($0.50 + $15.00 + $0.00 + $0.50 = $16.00 – $4.00 original bet = $12.00)

So as you can see it’s so easy anyone can play and it offers a level of excitement and unpredictability rarely found in any other Casino game. Plus its fast, looks amazing and with the fact that there is a chance to WIN BIG $$ for just checking a bunch of numbers this game really can’t be beat!!

So head on over to WinADay Casino and get catching those spots……. Wait that’s not normally a good thing the last time I caught some spots, the ex-girlfriend had some explaining to do and I had to take medicine for a month and that’s why she is my ex but enough about me go win some cash!

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