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Multi Card Keno Strategy

Like any other game that you can play at a casino, Keno is no different in that you can use many different strategies to help your chances at winning big and winning big on a consistent basis. The first and most important strategy is to understand the game of Keno as much as you possibly can. Understanding all aspects of the game of Keno will greatly increase not only your chances of winning but your overall enjoyment level while playing the game.

Each of the below listed Multi Card Keno Strategies have pros and cons and have worked for some people to win big money. Here is a list of some of our favorite Multi Card Keno Strategies.


This strategy works best when playing Multi Card Keno here you can play when using 20 cards. The aim of this strategy is to cover the most amount of numbers across each card without duplicating the same numbers on any card.

Your first step is to figure out if you want 2 or 3 numbers per set. Then you need to make 6 differnt sets of numbers with the 2 or 3 numbers in each. Once you have that numbers figures out be sure to write them down making sure that any of the sets of numbers are not repeated. Label each set of Numbers A, B, C ,D, E, and F.

You will now be playing 3 of the 6 sets of numbers on each card. There are exactly 20 different combinations of the 6 sets of numbers. So each card ill have different numbers. You will have lots of numbers covered across all of the cards and stand a good chance of profiting from this.

Spot Bets

Also best when used playing with 20 cards. The goal of the strategy is to have different sets of numbers across all the cards.

You will have 4 sets of 3 spots, 4, sets of 4 spots, 4 sets of 5 spots, 3 sets os 6 spots, 3 sets of 7 spots and 2 sets of 8 spots.

You have now covered all 20 cards with various sets of numbers. You will need to make sure that no sequence of numbers is the same on any of the cards.

The aim of the Spot Bet Strategy is that you are more likely to hit on the smaller number of number cards more frequently. And its those winnings that will carry you along until you are able to catch a big win using one of the sets of numbers that pay better.

Keep Betting the Same Numbers

Veteran players have used this strategy for as long as Keno has been around. Knowing that the game of Keno is a game where numbers are drawn at random then the logic behind this is that at one point or another the numbers are going to work in the players favor.

And when it does the player will make more from their winning game then they have in the losing games up until that point. Being consistent is the key to winning using this strategy.. So if you have played 10 number on 20 cards then play the exact same 10 numbers on the same amount of cards until you win. This is a good strategy to use when the Multi Card Keno game you are playing offers player the auto play feature.


Let’s admit it. Some people are just generally more lucky then others. But we have all been there when no matter what you do or play you just can’t lose. And its during those stretches of good luck that a Keno player will really profit.
This isn’t so much a strategy as it is a matter of fact.

You can’t deny that luck comes and goes and its when you have the luck on your side that’s the time you need to get yourself to a game of Keno.

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