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How To Play Multi Card Keno

Because we all know a multi is better than a single

I’m assuming you know how to play single card Keno or you wouldn’t be here asking me how to play multi card Keno, but if you clicked the wrong link, want to go back over the rules to refresh your memory or if your new to the wonderful world of Keno then you’re looking for the rules for single card Keno and you will find them by clicking here: Basics Of Keno

By adding “Multi-Card” to the name “Keno” it may make the game sound more difficult and or more challenging but it’s not it’s really quite simple actually; it’s the same rules and premise we would use in single card Keno just with the obvious difference being added cards. So if you know how to play Keno then you are ready to play Multi card Keno so let’s get rolling. If you know how to play the likes of Keno and pokies then you’ll have no problem handling Multi Card Keno.

To start off you begin by choosing how much you want to bet, and you must bet the same amount on every card you play. The next step is to select how many cards you want to play, anywhere between one and seven cards, then you choose your numbers, each card has the numbers 1-80 and you can pick 1 number or up to 15 different numbers for each card. Once you’ve decided on how many cards you want and which numbers you’ll play its time to begin. Click play and wait for the numbers to be drawn. Once the 20 numbers have been drawn you win depending on how many numbers you’ve matched per card so if on card #4 you matched 4 of 15 numbers and on card 6 you matched 7 of 15 numbers you’ll win on each card accordingly.

I recommend playing at WinADay Casino. They’re great at so many things and Multi Card Keno is no exception, its fast, looks great and is incredibly easy to play. Begin by logging in, if not already a member just register its fast and free, once logged in choose the button in the top left titled GAMES.

Once the games page is opened look along the top for the OTHERS tab and select it and the first game listed is POWER KENO that’s the one. Don’t be intimidated by the appearance of the game, it looks like a mad scientists laboratory, once you look at it for a minute you quickly realize all the things you’ll need to play are right there. Your first step is to choose how much you want to bet, keeping in mind that all cards played will have the same bet attached to it. You can bet $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 or $10.00 and all bet amounts are the red buttons at the bottom of the screen. Next you’re going to select your keno ticket which is located directly below the keno board, a red button titled 1, or on the left of the screen it looks like a smaller version of the ticket below the board.

Here is what it looks like:


After selecting the card it’s time to choose your numbers you can choose up to 15 numbers per card or you can select QUICK PICK it’s a big red button in the bottom left surrounded by smaller white buttons numbered 1-15. By choosing quick pick the computer randomly chooses numbers for you, you can limit the numbers chosen by quick pick by selecting the desired amount of numbers indicated by the white numbers surrounding the button. After you’ve picked your numbers and want to add another card, up to seven, simply pick the number 2 red button at the bottom of the screen below the Keno board and repeat as many times you want until the limit of 7 is reached.

To deselect a ticket click the x in the top right of the ticket on the left of the Keno board. Once your happy with cards played and numbers chosen its time to select Play, the large red button in the bottom right of the screen, and after the 20 numbers have been drawn you win depending on how many numbers you matched the payout table can be seen to the right of the Keno board. After collecting your winnings you can choose to play again with the same bet amount, the same number of cards and the same numbers chosen on each card or you can select the clear button at the bottom right of the screen to start over.

Well that’s it, I told you it was easy it’s a blast to play and extremely exciting so have fun and time to watch that credit balance climb and climb and climb. Head on over to WinADay Casino.

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