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Keno in Utah

Utah will be the last state that comes to your mind when you think of casinos and the related glitz it cast on a city. Salt Lake, Utah’s capital city, is home to the only casino in the state (South Dinner & Bingo) as well as the only international airport. Is there a connection? The casino cannot be missed in the entertainment enclaves among heaps of quaint cafes, yoga centers and tattooing centers. Warm and hospitable natives, awesome food and plenty of legal and not-exactly-legal adventure portray a laissez-faire spirit and you cannot wish for more. You see, gambling is illegal in Utah State. May be that is why they do not have too many casinos there. Yet South Dinner & Bingo is one popular haunt that defies all odds.

Keno in Utah: South Dinner & Bingo

Utah is not a typical city where people flock to gamble. But the atmosphere in South Dinner & Bingo is a bit too cheery to be alcohol-induced alone. Perhaps Keno in Utah among other things is responsible. Betting is discreet, ranging from 50 cents and as much as you want to throw in. Do you know how the organizers manage to get by? They are adamant that their games require skills unlike usual betting games. Even church members come here for a spot of fun. They are certainly adept at figuring out innovative ways to work around the legalities and lay aside a few bucks without crossing the state’s line of control. And Internet has made it all the more easier. Bingo, cards, dice, lottery, keno and sports not to mention the much sought-after March Madness and World Series office pools are all there for those seeking some real excitement. Online casinos offer all these. And the basic investment is a laptop or a smart phone.

Texas Holdem Style Poker:

The action is not limited to South Dinner & Bingo though not every place enjoys the same recognition. Poker rooms, The Flop House in Orem and Club Full House in Layton are two well-kept-secrets of the state. According to a feature published in Salt Lake Tribune, a lot of secretive and unlawful poker games occur on a daily basis in Utah and they are not limited to brick and mortar centers. Yes, virtual pokers are as popular.

Utah State Raffle- Will this be a reality?

There is no state-owned lottery as it is totally against this trend. In spite of this, Utah-ians still manage to get their hands on tickets. It is estimated that the locals shell out over 6 million USD per year on Idaho Raffle. Perhaps this is why banning something outright often has the opposite results. Has making gambling illegal stopped residents from betting? They either rely on the stores situated in the Utah-Idaho border. It would have been better if the state made a leeway, which could have helped them to regulate gambling. Now all the benefits are reaped by the neighboring state.

Bingo Was Its Name-O

It is amazing and amusing how South Dinner & Bingo discovered several loopholes around the law. Go and have their sumptuous food and you can get Bingo cards for free. It is illegal only if you charge the cards. So what if they compensate it by overcharging the food? Pretty clever!

It is like you call at the Southgate Dinner & Bingo on a certain night. You pay an insane amount of money for a simple meal. That’s what it says on paper. Innocently, you get a Bingo card for free. But the reality is, you are actually paying to play Bingo and taking that chance to double or triple that money.

Not that the journey was easy. In fact, the West Valley prosecutors did everything they could to get the bistro shut down. But the point of customers being allowed to play for free was too strong to refute and they won the case. The court case did offer a nice little pattern for other bingo business in the state to mimic.

Summing it up:

All this goes to prove that people are not exactly pleased with the anti-gambling attitude of the government. Many believe there was no reason to consider it evil as adults are making the decision. And if properly regulated with age restrictions in place, most potential issues related to betting can be curbed.

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