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Keno in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has an assortment of casinos around the entire state although a majority of them are operated by various native tribes. These are found throughout many rural parts of the state although there are also a few not too far from the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The casinos have many different types of games and plenty of other entertainment features all around.

While a vast majority of the casinos around the state are rather small, some of those casinos have a larger variety of games. These include various places with card games and race books while some have bingo halls. Keno games can be found in a variety of these casinos as well. People looking forward to playing keno in Oklahoma should take note of these casinos. Don’t forget to check out the MegaKeno game that is available through many of these keno halls all around the state.

Keno in Oklahoma: WinStar World Casino

The WinStar World Casino is located in Thackerville off of I-35. It is just a few miles north of the Red River and the border with Texas. The keno hall at the WinStar casino allows you to bet $1 or more per game while also playing from one to a thousand consecutive games. You can always wager 50 cents per game on tickets with ten or more games. The casino also has a $2 MegaKeno game where you can win $2 million when you match all ten balls on your ticket. This is a great casino for keno with an 800-seat bingo hall is open on weekends. There are more than seven thousand gaming machines here as well as a race book.


Keno in Oklahoma: Riverwind Casino

The Riverwind Casino in Norman is one of the largest casinos in the state and is run by the Chickasaw Nation. In addition to its dozens of poker and blackjack tables and nearly three thousand gaming machines, the casino also has its own keno hall. The keno hall is at the west end of the casino and offers a $100,000 aggregate payout limit per game. A player can also spend $2 on a separate MegaKeno ticket for a chance at an even higher payout. The game is available twenty-four hours a day with new draws every five minutes. You can order a ticket for dozens of games in a row if desired. While at the casino, don’t forget to check out the Willows Buffet or the Chips �n Ales English pub for some enjoyable meals all around.


Keno in Oklahoma: Newcastle Casino

Another choice to look into is the Newcastle Casino. This is located just west of Norman and is off of Highway 62 just twenty miles south of Oklahoma City. The casino has a keno hall with access to the progressive MegaKeno jackpot game. The keno hall also helps people learn about all sorts of ways to play the game and how payouts work. The casino offers at maximum payout of $100,000 in a standard game with larger payouts for MegaKeno wins. While you are here, enjoy a meal at the Front Row Sports Bar. Come on Saturday nights and see live music performing at the indoor entertainment stage.


Keno in Oklahoma: Grand Casino Hotel Resort

The Grand Casino Hotel Resort is east of Oklahoma City and is located not too far off of I-40 on exit 178. The keno room offers games for $1 each and allows you to play up to a thousand straight games on a single ticket. You can collect your winnings on a ticket up to a year after the last game. The casino’s high-end keno computer is responsible for keeping track of results and for generating numbers in as random and fair of a manner as possible. You can enjoy playing keno here as well as various blackjack and poker games. The casino even offers a version of craps that is played with cards and Spinette, a roulette-like game that uses a series of cards in lieu of the more traditional layout for the game. Don’t forget to enjoy the great dining options and spa treatments available. There is also a theater at the casino that hosts a variety of live performances throughout the year.


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