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Keno in Nova Scotia

If you are a resident of Nova Scotia and are thinking of playing Keno, you do not necessarily need to go to Las Vegas or Florida in the United States of America. There are quite a number of casinos in this maritime province of Canada where you can enjoy the best gambling experience. Apart from Keno, there are many other games that you can enjoy playing at these Nova Scotia casinos, including roulette, bingo, craps, poker varaints, slot machines, baccarat, blackjack, texas hold’em and so on. Some of these games are available online, meaning that you do not necessarily need to walk to a brick and mortar casino in Nova Scotia to play them.

Keno In Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Casino of Halifax

This is one of the renowned gambling establishments within the territory of Nova Scotia. At this casino, you are welcome to play Keno and other casino games in a 35,000 square foot room. There are over 500 slot machines and a lot of gaming tables on the premises. If you have never been to downtown Halifax before, you should seriously consider doing so. Apart from enjoying playing your favorite casino game, you will also get a chance to view the Central Library, the Musquodoboit Harbour and the Peggy’s Cove and the Sullivan’s Pond while visiting this province. The casino is very busy and has a live atmosphere that you will love.


Keno in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Casino of Sydney

This casino offers non-stop excitement all every day of the week. When you visit it, you will find more than 275 slot machines, five blackjack tables, one blackjack switch, and one it let ride poker table. There are also poker tournaments and slot tournaments that are held frequently. The landmark of this city is Big Fiddle, which is also referred to as the biggest violon of the world with its sixty feet. Since it is located on the docks of the airport, you cannot be able to miss it when you visit this casino to play Keno.


The above two are the main casinos you will find in Nova Scotia. However, apart from them, there are other casinos that you can still visit and enjoy playing your favorite game of Keno. They include Red Shores Racing & Casino Summerside, Grey Rock Casino Madawaska, Red Shores Casino & Racetrack Charlottetown, and many more. If you stay close to Nova Scotia, you do not necessarily need to go there to gamble. You can go there for lunch sometimes or just for fun. The staff there are very friendly, always helpful and patient.

You will also like the fact that the casino areas at Nova Scotia Casino of Halifax and Nova Scotia Casino of Sydney are well maintained. The restaurants in and around the casinos are very good. Note that you may not find Keno at some casinos in this province. But at the two big casinos that we have comprehensively looked at, you can be sure to find your favorite game of Keno.

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