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Keno in Manitoba

The province of Manitoba has a few casinos for people to play at and even has its own lottery that has some features that are shared with a few other nearby provinces. The games that people can enjoy while in Manitoba include many traditional casino games but keno is one particular game to look forward to.

The options for keno in Manitoba include some attractive options that are worth looking into. These include some appealing options in some of the hottest places for gaming in the province. Check out these places and options for keno the next time you are in the area.

Keno in Manitoba: Sand Hills Casino

The city of Carberry is home to the Sand Hills Casino. This is a gaming parlor that offers its own dedicated keno hall. The casino has a great atmosphere inside its keno hall with an appealing layout with digital draws held throughout the daytime hours. This is part of the various games that are included at the casino including blackjack and roulette tables plus hundreds of gaming machines.


Keno in Manitoba: Club Regent Casino

The city of Winnipeg is home to one of the largest casinos in Manitoba. The Club Regent Casino has video keno games all around with many of these games including special themes. These include special setups where you can get payouts for picking particular patterns or arrangements around a keno board. The video keno machines at Club Regent are easy to play with. The casino has its own bingo hall for those looking for other numbers games including one spot where high stakes bingo are available. Electronic horse racing is also highlighted here while a small poker room entertains people with regular tournaments.


Keno in Manitoba: McPhillips Street Station Casino

Another casino in the Winnipeg area, McPhillips Street Station has video keno machines alongside other video poker and bingo games. There are more than a thousand machines around the casino with a number of them offering keno. The place features some appealing games all over with a bingo hall included. Roulette and electronic horse racing stations are included around the place.


Keno in Manitoba: South Beach Casino and Resort

The next place for keno in the province is the South Beach casino in Scanterbury just northeast of Winnipeg. Play at one of hundreds of different gaming machines with a few offering keno games. Enjoy a good buffet meal in between keno sessions or relax at the prominent lounge in the middle of the casino floor.


Keno in Manitoba: WCLC

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation offers keno games for people in Manitoba as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. The games run once every five minutes for 22 hours in a day. People have the option to pick up to ten numbers at a time. The game offers a top payout of $100,000 for getting a ten spot. Various other big payouts are available for people who pick fewer numbers including $25,000 for a nine spot or $10,000 for an eight spot.


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