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Keno in Florida

Florida is one of the most beautiful states with their great beaches, amazing scenery and great tourist attraction Florida is definitely one place that attracts tourists all around the world.

Keno in Florida:

Even though Florida has a wide range of casinos there is not one that actually offer the keno game.

They do have a lot of casinos in the state and some are even on boat cruises with all the casinos it will still be hard to pick one unfortunately they do not have a game that is also the same as keno and their lottery also does not include a game that has the same principle as keno.

However these casinos have loads of great games that you may still enjoy and the casinos are also fantastic some more elegant than others and then there is also all the activities offered you will most certainly not be bored while visiting these casinos although there is no keno here are some great examples of the casinos available if you were to plan a trip to one of the cities in Florida;


Grenta is located on interstate 10 and it intersects with state road 12, this has a country feel to it as it has horse races but also poker


Best Bet Jacksonville

As stated this is located in Jacksonville Florida. They also have racing and poker but also great dining and shopping options available


Myrtle Beach Casino cruise

This is a casino on a cruise ship they offer table games as well as gaming machines these ships also have all you can eat buffets.


Calder Casino

This casino has quite a range of games and also horse racing they have great promotions and they are located in the Miami gardens, they have a tropical gardens buffet, Lucky’s which is a restaurant for pizza’s and sandwiches and then there is a center bar in the casino for some cocktails and refreshments.


Gulfstream park racing and casino

This is one great place they offer racing, wide range of casino games, great dining and shopping, you can even have your party at this casino and with great extras like tequila dinners it is sure to be entertaining. They also have facilities for weddings so if you are planning to get married you might want to check them out because this is truly a beautiful place.


Hialeah Park

This is also a park that offers racing and a wide range of casino games. They also host events and can be booked for weddings. They offer catering and rent out some parts of the park. They have quite a variety of dining options and the establishment is breathtaking. So if you are looking for a place that has it all this might be the one you want to look at. They also have racing for all the racing enthusiasts out there.


Isle Casino Pompano park

Racing, casino games, dining, entertainment and events the pretty much do it all. They have all sorts of racing, a wide range of casino games, they have great dining options, Host events and have great entertainment so if you think this is for you go check out their site for all the information you might need


Miccosukee Resort

This is a resort in Miami. They offer great casino games, they have a spa, host events and have great dining choices. This is one of those very elegant casinos and you can see that even when just viewing their website.


These might only be a small amount of the casinos that Florida actually has but this might give you a small Idea what to expect.

I think we can all agree even though Keno is not one of their games they sure make up for it with a wide range of other great activities and with the most beautiful beaches in the world I do think this is a destination worth visiting.

The casinos listed here can all be found online with all of their contact information and there you will also be able to get a feel for the casino there is a few that stands out and even the websites will get you excited. You might even book your trip immediately when you see some of these locations.

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