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Keno In Arkansas

Arkansas has a unique history with gambling. Before the 1900s, the state had a gambling industry that was larger than Las Vegas at the time. However, in the mid-1900s, the biggest casino owners ran into conflict with other arms of government. This led to the eventual banning of gambling in the state in 1967. In fact, at that time, it was illegal to engage in any form of gambling.

However, the laws have since changed to allow some type of gambling. For now, people can gamble on horse races and dog races. The tight grip that the legislature had on gambling continues to loosen. This could translate into better times for gamblers in future.

How to Gamble in Arkansas

For those who are hoping to gamble in games such as Keno, they will have to make a drive to nearby states. The state is neighboring Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma has some of the best casinos in the world. Here, gamblers can engage their passion without risking breaking any law. Alternatively, one may choose to take a trip to Las Vegas to quench their gambling thirst.

Online Gambling

Arkansas has some of the strictest anti-gambling laws in the world. Although online gambling is quasi-legal in the state, few companies are willing to risk breaking the law. As a result, the state has a very poorly developed online gambling industry. For those who were hoping to play Keno online, this is not an option. The risks involved are too many. Besides that, there is the option to drive across state lines and gamble elsewhere.

Type of Gambling allowed

People are allowed to engage in live poker games in the state. However, the game is allowed only in one area only. The area where poker can be played has only six poker tables. This means that it is virtually impossible to play poker in the state. People are also banned from holding poker games in their homes. The result would be a fine of no more than $25 if caught.

Although the fine is small, it goes into one’s permanent records as law breaking. This could raise serious issues in future for some types of jobs. In addition, Bingo is allowed for charity. The state has an act that designates how Bingo and ruffles can be played. For instance, there is a stipulation that at least 50% of all profits of such an event go back to the members of the public.

The only other type of gambling is at horse and dog racing. The state has the biggest dog racetracks in the world as a result. However, this gambling is quite limited. People are only allowed to place their bets within the confines of the racing grounds. Any other type of gambling will be illegal according to state law.

The Arkansas Lottery

This will be the only way that Keno gambling will be legal in Arkansas. The state is still in the process of setting up the entire thing. The legislature envisions a Keno where the proceeds are used for scholarships. This was informed by the hard economic times that they are currently facing.

Within the state, reaction to the possible introduction has been quite positive. However, the legislature is still dragging its feet in setting it up. One reason for this is that some may be afraid of losing votes. The people of Arkansas still have bad memories of when gambling used to thrive there.

With Keno proving so successful in other states, there is no reason it will not pass in Arkansas. For one, it will provide people with higher chances of making a winning. The lottery that is currently run in Arkansas is not sufficient. The state needs more funds to take students through college using a scholarship program.


For now, Keno will be entirely controlled by the state in Arkansas. Those hoping to cash in at this game should try their luck elsewhere. The game will be very restricted and there is no possibility of really cashing in. for those looking for a real thrill, they are better off trying their luck elsewhere. However, one can still try their luck at the Arkansas’ gaming commission version of Keno when they set up. After all, the proceeds will go to a good course.

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