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Keno in Alaska

This is one of the most beautiful places with all the snow and would make for a perfect holiday if you don’t mind the cold temperature and all the wild life that surrounds it. Alaska is the largest state in America if we are looking at land area it is almost twice the size of Texas. But it is only home to about 710000 people why this you might ask? Well because only about 20% of Alaska has access to roads they only have 12 numbered highways. But with all the beautiful mountains, glaciers and tax free shopping this might be a great destination to visit for those wo do not fear the cold.

Keno in Alaska:

Well I’m sad to report they do not have it Alaska’s law when it comes to gambling is very strict and gambling there is Legal but extremely limited although you can gamble online seeing that online gambling is not specified in their laws.

Alaska believe it or not does not have casinos because just about all gambling has been declared illegal by the state penal code. They have an unbelievable amount of anti-gaming legislation considering how much other states have changed. Alaska does not seem to have any interest in adding any legal gaming. So if you are an Alaskan citizen you are not allowed to participate in any state or national lottery and Alaska also doesn’t have a lottery there is seven other states also instating the anti-lottery law. While you wont find Keno, Poker, slot machines or blackjack in Alaska the citizens and visitors are allowed to take part in what they call “Charitable gambling” these games normally have to follow very specific requirements set by the Alaska State Gaming Board. They may organize traditional games of chance and skill as long as the operating person don’t profit of it at all which makes it impossible to run any type of casino there. You are not allowed to charge an entry fee or sell snacks or even refreshments you may serve them freely but may not sell any goods during the game. There is also restrictions that exist in terms of what charities are allowed to hold these games the law is dense on this particular subject. The only other type of legal gambling they have is “social gambling” in which poker or other games of chance and skills are played at home with family and friends. As with any other form of gambling the law has stated what is meant with social gambling. Your game is only legal if it takes place in a private home where no house players, house bank or house odds exist and where there is no house income from the operation of the game.

Yes this is a bit unbelievable as most countries these days have casinos and gambling and seeing that a lot of people enjoy it as a hobby even though some take it too far on the plus side Alaska does not have gambling problems which I guess is an upside to this.

Internet Gambling

So although there gambling laws is quite intimidating it is surprising that the Alaska law did not make online gambling illegal. As far as my research goes on this subject you will not get into any trouble if you are gambling online. But then again there might be a law out there that I have missed and I highly recommend first making sure before attempting a online poker game that might get you into a huge amount of trouble it’s better to make sure and be safe than playing what to us may seem as an innocent game of poker but get you into a heap of trouble with the Alaskan law.

What will happen if you gamble in Alaska and get caught?

I’m sure you are wondering about this one well if you get caught placing an illegal bet and it is your first offense they will let you off with a warning but if you do it again you are physically considered a Felon, Scary right, and your punishment can be 90 or more days in jail and you will be responsible for the fines which can go as high as $15000.


Alaska gambling laws have not changed but it does appear that they have a new libertarian side to them seeing that they were one of the first states to legalize marijuana.

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