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Online Keno vs Live Keno

Keno is a very popular casino games which has been around for many years at land based casinos. However, before it was introduced to online casinos the game wasn’t that popular among gamblers. Today, anyone can play keno games at any time from any device via online casinos. This page addresses the benefits of playing keno online over brick-and-mortar keno.

Are there any similarities between online keno and land based keno?

Of course there are similarities. Keep in mind that online keno was developed from land based keno hence they have the same rules. They also contain boards numbered 1-80 and the main objective of the game is similar.

What about the differences?

The main difference between online keno and land based keno is that online keno is played virtually through computers or mobile devices while the latter is played using real paper tickets and markers. For instance, at online keno players select numbers by clicking their mouse. Selected numbers will change color and if one wishes to discard, numbers can be ‘unselected’. At land based casinos you must discard your ticket and begin selecting numbers from the start if you change your mind.

Why playing online keno is better than playing at a casino?

House odds

Online keno enjoy lower house odds than land keno players. For instance, house odds at online keno will never go over 12% while at land casinos it can be as high as 30%. This implies that playing online gives you a better chance of making more money.

Privacy and comfort

The best thing about online keno is that it can be played from the comfort of your home. There are no distractions from other players of noisy slot machines. In addition, you take a break from the game by hitting the pause button. In short, you will never feel pressured when playing online keno.

Multiple Games

Playing multiple hands at online keno is way easier than at land based casinos. There is no need of filling out multiple tickets and having to keep track of all the results and tickets. Online keno allows players to ‘Play ten’ by simply clicking and watching how the game progresses.

Amazing bonuses

Online keno casinos offer players generous welcome match bonuses, promotions, cash back bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Such bonuses are essential in boosting a player’s bankroll. At land keno, the only incentives available are meals and special room treatments.

Demo Keno games

Even though keno games are easy to understand, they can be quite overwhelming to newbies. Online keno sites allow new players to play for free before venturing into real money gambling. This option is not available at land based casinos.


The best thing about online keno is that players can login and play at any time from any location. Furthermore, mobile keno can be played even when stuck in traffic. On the other hand, land keno is available at specific times only.

Another benefit of playing online keno is that you don’t have to travel to the casino. As long as you have internet connection and a computer/mobile you can play from home. This minimizes travel expenses and saves time. If you desire to move from one casino to the next, just open a new tab.

Game variation

There are many variations of online keno than land based keno. Such variations are tweaked in such a way that they are more interesting than land based keno and offer better payouts.

Bet size

Online keno players have the option of gamble with as little or as much as they can afford. For instance, you can bet with as low as $1 or as high as $1000 per round at online casino. Land based keno has limits which can be very disadvantageous to players who have a limited bankroll.

Payment options

Online keno offers players multiple deposit and withdrawal options which are more secure and convenient. Good examples include; Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Credit Cards and more. In most cases, land casinos will give you your winnings which can be somehow risky and insecure.

Bigger wins and Jackpots

Internet keno comes with bigger jackpots and better wins than land based keno. The reason for this is that players from all over the globe participate in keno games hence making jackpots very huge.


Whether you decide to play online keno or land keno, the game is immensely fun to play and doesn’t require you to master complex strategies.

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