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XKeno is a March 2018 live keno from Inbet Games whose similar live games include Keno Live (May 2018), Keno Night, and Keno Neon (2018). This vintage game’s playing sessions are coordinated between many players.

XKeno Game Characteristics

XKeno has a mint green game board, with dotted white 1-80 numbers. After loading, a player may meet a betting or playing session midway; the latter must elapse—and the betting countdown should be 8+ seconds—before tapping or randomizing at least one, or up to ten, of the numbers that then turn sky blue.

The available XKeno bet sizes per set of 1-10 picks are $1.00 (least), $10.00, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00, $500.00, and $1000.00 (highest)—set using the yellow-and-green “bet amount” at top right. XKeno’s cumulative bets for all sets per game are $5000.00 maximum.

A round begins with or without selections, after which XKeno generates 20 yellow-and-brown winning numbers. Hits out of selections determine the XKeno payouts. Zero hits only pay in 7+ selections. No pay for: one hit in 3+ selections, for two hits in 6+ selections, for three hits in 8+ picks, and for 10 picks.

One selected number: a match has X3.
Two selected numbers: one hit has X1; and two matches have X10.
Three selected numbers: two matches have X2; and three matches have X45.
Four selected numbers: two matches have X1; three matches have X10; and four hits have X100.
Five selected numbers: two matches have X1; three matches have X3; four hits have X30; and five matches have X150.
Six selected numbers: three matches have X2; four matches have X15; five hits have X60; and six matches have X500.
Seven selected numbers: three matches have X2; four matches have X4; five matches have X20; six hits have X80; and seven matches have X1000.
Eight selected numbers: no match has X1; four matches pay X5; five matches pay X15; six matches pay X50; seven hits pay X200; and eight matches pay X2000.
Nine selected numbers: zero matches have X2; four matches have X2; five matches have X10; six matches have X25; seven matches have X125; eight matches have X1000; and nine matches have X5000.
Ten selected numbers: zero matches have X2; five matches have X5; six matches have X30; seven matches have X100; eight matches have X300; nine matches have X2000; and ten matches have X10000—thus (for X5000 max bets) XKeno’s highest $50000000.00 win.

Game and bet history, countdown, random picker, statistics, and full screen are among the features in the XKeno software. Ambient music: oriental instrumental. Sound effects: chink and swoosh. There are 3D graphics and animation, including: pop-up, rolling balls, flickering, and flipping.

Luck in XKeno

XKeno is a game of chance.

One pick: 75.00% RTP rate; 25.00% house edge.
Two picks: 98.10% RTP rate; 1.90% house edge.
Three picks: 90.19% RTP rate; 9.81% house edge.
Four picks: 89.02% RTP rate; 10.92% house edge.
Five picks: 86.08% RTP rate13.92; % house edge.
Six picks: 93.79% RTP rate; 6.21% house edge.
Seven picks: 93.61% RTP rate; 6.39% house edge.
Eight picks: 92.94% RTP rate; 7.06% house edge.
Nine picks: 93.49% RTP rate; 6.51% house edge.
Ten picks: 90.82% RTP rate; 9.18% house edge.

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