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World Cup Keno

Launched on May 23, 2018, World Cup Keno’s developer Pariplay has other similar releases, titled Lucky Keno (March 2017) and Rio Bingo (August 2017). Named after the global soccer event—after every four years—it features the notable national soccer teams and a wheel of fortune.

World Cup Keno Game Characteristics

The starting page hints at playing with ten selections—although at least one number can be selected—thereby freely getting the multiplier wheel-triggering three lucky numbers that are displayed at top left of the soccer field-inspired game board. The 80 numbers are spread evenly across the green field, from left to right and top to bottom.

World Cup Keno’s six bets: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00 (maximum).
The oval green-and-white cells turn into blue-and-white cells upon selecting, which can be done either personally by tapping or clicking one of the patterns at bottom (left in mobile; right in desktops).

The eight modifiable options under the “patterns/random 10” icon: 21/30/31/33/40/41/48/50/51/60; 2/3/7/8/9/72/73/74/78/79; 12/19/24/27/32/39/44/47/52/59; 3/23/37/38/39/ 43/47/48/49/63; 25/26/34/37/44/47/54/57/65/66; 15/16/25/26/27/35/36/45/55/65; 54/55/56/57/64/66/67/74/75/77; 16/19/33/36/39/43/46/49/66/69; 15/24/33/35/47/48/53/55/64/75; and 3/8/22/25/29/52/55/59/73/78.

On playing, World Cup Keno first identifies three golden cells—corresponding with the lucky numbers—before drawing 20 black-and-gray soccer balls onto the board. The matching selections appear as rotating white-and-blue balls whose World Cup Keno payouts are described below.

One selection: a hit offers X3.
Two selections: one hit offer X1; and two hits offer X7.
Three selections: no pay for one hit; two hits offer X3; and three hits offer X28.
Four selections: no pay for one hit; two hits offer X0.50; three hits offer X9; and four hits offer X100.
Five selections: zero hit offers X0.20; no pay for one hit; two hits offer X0.30; three hits offer X2.50; four hits offer X25; and five hits offer X250.
Six selections: zero hit offers X0.20; no pay for one hit; two hits offer X0.10; three hits offer X2; four hits offer X5; five hits pay X90; and six hits offer X500.
Seven selections: no hit pays X0.50; no pay for one hit; two hits offer X0.50; three hits offer X1; four hits offer X4; five hits pay X10; six hits pay X125; and seven hits pay X800.
Eight selections: no hit offers X0.50; no pay for one hit, or two hits; three hits offer X0.10; four hits offer X2; five hits pay X15; six hits offer X100; seven hits offer X350; and eight hits offer X1500.
Nine selections: zero hit offers X1; no pay for one hit, or two hits; three hits offer X0.50; four hits offer X1; five hits offer X6; six hits offer X25; seven hits offer X250; eight hits offer X1000; and nine hits offer X4000.
Ten selections: no hit pays X1; no pay for one hit, or two hits; three hits offer X0.20; four hits offer X0.50; five hits offer X2; six hits pay X4; seven hits offer X30; eight hits offer X400; nine hits offer X2000; and ten hits offer X10000.

Only active while playing ten selections; spinning the random “multiplier wheel” picker at left, which is centered when the three lucky numbers match with drawn balls, may pinpoint: Japanese flag X4, Czech flag X12, England’s flag X20, Brazilian flag X100, French flag X24, German flag X40, Senegalese flag X8, Australian flag X4, Spanish flag X20, Italian flag with logo X15, Russian flag X8, Portuguese flag X12, Argentinian flag X32, US flag X4, Dutch flag X15, Danish flag X8, Columbian flag X12, Italian flag X32, Austrian flag X15, and Uruguay flag X24.

World Cup Keno’s highest win (10X10000X100) is $10000000.00.

The World Cup Keno software: full screen option; 10/25/50/100/500 auto bets with stop on a win, feature, or specified single win, win limit, or loss limit. Sound effects: clanging, jingling, and chinking. Animated 3D graphics: spinning picker wheel; gushing golden coins; and surfacing, spinning, and glittering soccer balls.

Luck in World Cup Keno

World Cup Keno is a game of luck. RTP rate: 80%. House edge: 20%.

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