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What is Super Spot Keno?

Found on multi-game machines, usually, in casinos; Super Spot Keno, is a Keno-based game. This means that this is a game of chance, and the player has the chance to win more money, than they originally invest.

Similar to Power Keno, Super Spot Keno adds additional multipliers. The player can get a multiplier for hitting the last number chosen. They can get another multiplier if they hit anything on the last ball.

Game Objectives

In Super Spot Keno, the player has a pool of eighty numbers. Out of this pool, the player can choose between two and ten numbers. The final number chosen is called the Super Spot.

A five-time multiplier is applied if the player hits the Super Spot on the first ball. If the player hits the Super Spot on the twentieth ball; then, the player gains an eight-time multiplier. Balls two through nineteen will yield a two-time multiplier.

Power Hit is when the twentieth ball hits anything other than the Super Spot. In this case, the player will gain a three-time multiplier. Furthermore, if the player is able to hit two multiplayers; then, the player earns both multipliers.

For example, if the player can hit the first ball, as the Super Spot; then, the player has hit a five-time multiplier. If the player, also, gets any other pick on the twentieth ball; then the player earns: 5 x 3 = fifteen-time multiplier.

Additionally, if the number (Super Spot) hits between two and nineteen, and another pick hits on the twentieth ball; then, the player earns: 2 x 3 = six-time multiplier.

Game of Chance

Super Spot Keno is a game of chance. This, in general, implies that the game is favored against the player. If we take a moment to remove the multipliers, and break it down into its basic form, we will see the real chance behind the curtain, so to speak.

Out of eighty numbers, the player must choose up to ten of these same numbers. There are seventy numbers the player is unable to touch in any one game.

The machine will randomly choose twenty numbers out of the original eighty numbers in the pool. For the machine, there are sixty numbers left untouched; thereby, there are sixty useless numbers.

The player is now at the mercy of the twenty numbers within the machine’s hand. Does the machine have some of the player’s ten numbers, or does the machine have the twenty of the other seventy numbers?

Joy of Gaming

The joy of gaming is all about enjoying the moments a game can bring us through the progression. Spending money on a game is not a new concept. In fact, some of the best games on the market are going to cost money.

There is a fine line between what is acceptable in financial fun-gaming, and that of financial ruin. Super Spot Keno is a game of chance. It should be played like it is a game, and not pursued for a means of financial success.

This game will never be the source of great financial gain, as its very design is to favor against the player.

Super Spot can be a great source of entertainment and joy. Sitting around, playing with some friends, and enjoying my day; these are the things that make me say, “Hey, why don’t we play some Super Spot Keno?”

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