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What is Keno Heads or Tails?

Keno Heads or Tails is a variant of the game Keno. In Keno Heads or Tails, the player has the chance to double the amount of payout played, or even quadruple the payout amount. Keno is a crossbreed game of other games, and can be found in various casinos. This includes online casinos, as well. Keno is reminiscent of lottery, slots, and Bingo all wrapped into one game.

If a player chooses Heads or Tails; then, the player has the chance to win $2.00 USD for every $1.00 USD played. If the player chooses Evens; then, the player will receive $4.00 USD for every $1.00 USD played.

Game Objective

Choosing Heads – If the player chooses Heads, and the top half of the Keno grid has the most numbers drawn in it; then, the player wins.

Choosing Tails – If the player chooses Tails, and the bottom half of the Keno grid had the most numbers drawn in it; then, the player wins.

Choosing Even – If the player chooses Even, and there are equal numbers drawn in both the top and bottom halves of the Keno grid; then, the player wins.

What is Keno Heads or Tails?

Keno Heads or Tails is a game of chance. There are no advantages to gain; in order, to improve your odds. Likewise, there are no disadvantages you can stack; in order, to lower your odds.

Some people believe if they play the same numbers, or choose the same section of the ticket, they will increase their chances of winning. The stone cold truth, however, is that this is not possible. Simply put, every time the draw is completed, a new cycle begins.

Let’s pretend that I choose to go with Heads. The numbers are drawn, and the winning ticket is Tails. What happens if I choose Heads again? Nothing changes. The odds are exactly the same, as they were when I first picked Heads. This means that I have the exact same chance to win/lose, as I had the first time.

Now, let us pretend that I want to quadruple my initial investment. I decide to choose Even. What are my odds of winning, now? My odds of winning, drastically, decreased when compared to choosing Heads, or Tails. This is because of the nature of what it means to win an Even pick.

To win an Even pick, there needs to be an equal amount of numbers drawn in the topside (Heads area), and the bottom side (Tails area) of the ticket. As you can see, this would be really tough to pull off; especially, with any consistent basis.

When it comes to games of chance, there are no consistent winners; unless, we are talking about the House. Odds are always stacked in favor of the House. What is the House? The House is none other than the casino running the game.

If a person decides to play Keno Heads or Tails, the hope is that they are there to play to have fun. If, however, a person believes they can make a living at playing this game; then, they will be sorely disappointed. In fact, no one has been recorded, as getting all twenty numbers correct in the history of Keno.

The odds are stacked against players who play the game of Keno Heads or Tails. There is an equal chance to hit the Heads, or the Tails side. There is less of a chance to hit the Even part of the ticket. People should play the game because it is a game, and meant to be for fun. In this regard, Keno Heads or Tails might be worth checking out.

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