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What is High/Low/Middle Keno?

Keno is a popular lottery game that began in China centuries ago. There is some mystery that surrounds the origins of the game but one thing is certain, people love it all over the globe. Some of the stories that you may hear is that the proceeds of the game, initially were used in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Additionally, some of the history records show that results of the game were sent to villages by carrier pigeon in the 19th century. Keno was introduced to the United States as the citizens of China crossed the Pacific Ocean to help construct railroads and has become a mainstay in most online and land-based casinos around the world. The name “Keno” started in a Houston, Texas casino in 1866.

Basic Rules of Regular Keno

There are many different betting options for players in Keno as well as many different types, but the basic rules of the game are simple. The Keno ticket features boxes for numbers starting with 1 and going all the way up to 80.

The player chooses the amount of numbers that they want to play and will mark those numbers on their ticket. Players have the option of choosing as few as one number and as high as twenty numbers on a ticket. Once the ticket is marked, twenty numbered balls are randomly selected from the 80 available numbers. Winning numbers are then posted and the players can check their tickets to see if they have won.

What is High/Low/Middle Keno and How is it Different?

One of the variations of regular Keno is High/Low/Middle. The basic rules of the game are the same as regular Keno but what the player is betting on is completely different. Rather than just betting that certain numbers will be drawn, the player bets on which categories the numbers drawn will fall into. They can do this on one to three games at a time.

The players will choose how the split will go for all twenty numbers. For example, out of the 20 balls that are randomly drawn, they may bet that a certain number out of the 20 will fall into the high category a certain amount will fall into the low category or they may choose a 10/10 split; 10 in high and 10 in low. Low means the majority of the numbers drawn fall between one and forty, High, the numbers drawn will fall between 41 and 80 and Middle is an even 10/10 split between both low and high numbers.

High/low/middle Keno is most often able to be played in Macau and can’t be found in the majority of online and United States based casinos. It is a great twist on the original Keno and is very popular among those who love this game of chance.

Odds and Payouts

Different casinos will have different pay tables, so if you are really hooked on the high/low/middle Keno, you can compare the pay tables and play most of your games at the place that offers the highest pay outs for the numbers that are selected and win.

Since the odds are based on the number of boxes and numbers the player chooses, the more balls that are played, the higher the odds are that several will show up on your ticket. It’s certainly not impossible to win money playing high/low/middle Keno. There is even a bet in some casinos that players can choose that states they will hit none of the numbers drawn. This is actually a huge payout since the odds are so high that the player will have at least one or two of the numbers chosen.

Don’t get frustrated when you mark your predictions in Keno. Remember in this version of Keno you are not betting on the actual numbers that are drawn but in which category the numbers drawn fall into. (The high category, the low category, or the middle 10/10 split.) Some casinos may even offer a “quick pick” option but this isn’t available everywhere. Just relax, have fun, stay conservative and choose whatever combination comes into your head.

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