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What is Balloon Game Keno?

Balloon Game Keno is a Keno-based game. It is a digital game similar to Caveman Keno. Much like the other Keno games, this is a game of man versus chance. Chance, usually, wins.

Game Objectives

The player will choose numbers ranging from one to eighty. Out of these eighty numbers, the player can have their choice from: two numbers, on up to ten numbers. The machine will pick twenty random numbers via a RNG (random number generator).

While the player continues playing (game progression), and the machine continue drawing, the machine will tally all of the numbers. It will match these numbers with the player’s numbers and their chosen balloons. The graphic balloon pops when a chosen number (machine’s chosen number) is marked by the balloon.

Payouts are according to the amount of balloons popped, and numbers caught. Maximum bets are set to $2.00 USD.

Games of Chance

In the aforementioned description, this game of chance leans heavily against the player. There are eighty numbers to choose from. Out of those eight, the player can have two numbers, all the way up to ten numbers. This means if a player grabs ten numbers; then, there are seventy numbers still unaccounted for.

The machine will choose twenty numbers. This means that for the machine, there will be sixty numbers unaccounted for. Out of the twenty chosen, the odds are high the machine will choose numbers not from the player. In fact, the odds are greater that the seventy other numbers will be drawn.

Games of chance are for entertainment purposes. There are no special skills to learn. There are no life-changing methods which can alter the odds into your favor.

The truth is that games of chance are meant to be played with a grain of salt. To take a game of chance and believe otherwise; is to, also, be let down considerably.

Balloon Game Keno is based upon the original game of Keno; introduced as an electronic version, more or less. Keno has been around for quite some time now. For the length of time Keno has existed, not one person has ever selected all twenty numbers correctly; at least, not in recorded Keno History.

Play for Fun

This game is quite addictive. The simplistic nature of the gaming environment, and the graphics all make it easy to get drawn in, per se. Sitting around with some friends, and enjoying time together would be alright with a few games of: Balloon Game Keno.

The trick is to not take this game too seriously. No one will ever make a living playing Balloon Game Keno. In fact, the odds are higher you will go broke, than ever becoming rich from this game.

Nevertheless, this game is about enjoyment of a day; passing time with family and friends. There is not much difference in spending money on this game, than spending money on the next game.

Take it all in moderation. I know how addictive this game can be. With that being stated, if the game feels like it’s grabbing a hold, take a small breather. Get up, and go walk around. Get some fresh air. Talk with your friends and family. If by chance, when you are done with your breather, and you still would like to fancy more Balloon Game Keno; then, by all means, go pop some balloons.

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