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Turbo Keno

Inbet Games launched Turbo Keno on July 27, 2016. Named after its so-called “superfast lottery drawing” feature; this lottery game is among the developer’s nine keno variants, alongside: Disco Keno (February 2019), Keno Night, Keno T+ (February 2018), Keno Kickers, Keno Live (May 2018), XKeno (March 2018), Irish Story Keno, and Keno Neon (2018).

Turbo Keno Game Characteristics

Turbo Keno has a mint green game board on an apple green felt. The board’s numbers one to 80 are divided into four sections: 1-5, 11-15, 21-25, and 31-25 at top left; 6-10, 16-20, 26-30, and 36-40 at top right; 41-45, 51-55, 61-65, and 71-75 at bottom left; and 46-50, 56-60, 66-70, and 76-80 at bottom right.

After tapping a particular set of numbers, a Turbo Keno player clicks the “add” icon at bottom right, thus displaying up to 1000 sets of selections at the yellow-and-black table at top right, below the red balance. The numbered “random” icon at left can be adjusted to randomly pick 2-10 self-adding numbers.

The interface’s bottom left icon, below the “clear”, shows seven Turbo Keno bets: $1 (minimum bet), $10, $50, $100, $200, $500, and $1000. The up to 100 sets of selections at up to $1000, yields $100000.00 maximum bet.

The orange “play” or “auto” icons at bottom right start a round. There are blue selections, 20 yellow-and-orange drawn numbers, and blue-and-orange hits that offers these Turbo Keno payouts.

One selection: a hit pays X3.
Two selections: one hit pays X1; and two hits pay X10.
Three selections: one hit pays nothing; two hits pay X2; and three hits pay X45.
Four selections: nothing for one hit; two hits pay X1; three hits pay X10; and four hits pay X80.
Five picks: nothing for one hit; two hits pay X1; three hits pay X3; four hits pay X20; and five hits pay X150.
Six selections: nothing for one or two hits; three hits pay X2; four hits pay X15; five hits pay X60; and six hits pay X500.
Seven picks: zero hits pays X1; nothing for one hit or two hits; three hits pay X2; four hits pay X4; five hits pay X20; six hits pay X80; and seven hits pay X1000.
Eight selections: zero hits pays X1; nothing for one, or two, or three hits; four hits pay X5; five hits pay X15; six hits pay X50; seven hits pay X200; and eight hits pay X2000.
Nine picks: zero hits pays X2; nothing for one, or two, or three hits; four hits pay X2; five hits pay X10; six hits pay X25; seven hits pay X125; eight hits pay X1000; and nine hits pay X5000.
Ten selections: zero hits pays X2; nothing for hit, or two, or three, or four hits; five hits pay X5; six hits pay X30; seven hits pay X100; eight hits pay X300; nine hits pay X2000; and ten hits pay X10000.

Turbo Keno’s highest win (1000X10000) is $10000000.00.

The good Turbo Keno software features: wooden interface; full screen; mobile (landscape mode only) and desktop versions; indefinite auto mode; turbo/play icon; and on/off classic slot sound. Animated 3D graphics: bouncing drawn balls; gushing golden coins and trumpet display during big wins.

Luck in Turbo Keno

Turbo Keno is a game of chance. These are the RTP rates for picks.

One pick: 75.00% RTP rate and 25.00 % house edge.
Two picks: 98.10% RTP rate and 1.90% house edge.
Three selections: 90.19% RTP rate and 9.81% house edge.
Four selections: 89.02% RTP rate and 10.98% house edge.
Five selections: 86.08% RTP rate and 13.92% house edge.
Six selections: 93.79% RTP rate and 6.21% house edge.
Seven selections: 93.61% RTP rate and 6.39% house edge.
Eight selections: 92.94% RTP rate and 7.06% house edge.
Nine selections: 93.49% RTP rate and 6.51% house edge.
Ten selections: 90.82% RTP rate and 9.18% house edge.

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