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Super Way Keno

The game Super Way Keno, which was developed by IGT, is exclusively available at the developer’s Video Poker online casino.

Super Way Keno Game Characteristics

Unless using an upgraded account, players have to contend with the ad-laden site. Located on a dark background; Super Way Keno has yellow-lined blue cells whose yellow 1-40 and 41-80 numbers are separated by a flashing prompt that urges the player to “make a bet” and “mark spots”.

Repeatedly pressing the “bet one” icon offers these seven bet choices: bet 1, bet 2, bet 3, bet 4, bet 5, bet 6, or bet 7 (maximum) whose alternative is “bet max” icon. Bets must first be selected before marking the board’s spots by clicking numbers, one after another.

If clicked, the “quick pick” makes random selections. Nine picks are needed to activate the flashing “start” at bottom right. “Erase” icon removes unwanted selections. Super Way Keno has three sets of picks, which are identified using white-and-blue letters A, B or C.

The spots on the first, second, third, and fourth selection are marked as “A”. The spots on the fifth, sixth, and seventh selections are assigned “B”. The spots on the eighth and ninth picks are marked as “C”. The 20 red-and-yellow numbers turn red-and-white when they match. The marked spots and hits alongside the bet/spots/wins are showed on the left.

Despite requiring nine marked spots to play, the Super Way Keno’s “game info” page shows otherwise contradicting payouts for hits resulting from playing with two spots marked and claims eight marked spots do not pay anything.

Two marked spots: one hit offers X1; and two hits offer X10.
Three marked spots: nothing for one hit; two hits offer X2; and three hits offer X50.
Four marked spots: nothing for one hit; two hits offer X2; three hits offer X5; and four hits offer X100.
Five marked spots: nothing for one hit, or two hits; three hits pay X3; four hits offer X12; and five hits offer X825.
Six marked spots: nothing for one hit, or two hits; three hits offer X3; four hits offer X4; five hits offer X68; and six hits offer X1600.
Seven marked spots: nothing for one hit, or two hits; three hits offer X1; four matches offer X2; five matches offer X20; six hits offer X400; and seven hits offer X7000.
Nine marked spots: nothing for one hit, or two hits, or three hits; four hits offer X1; five hits offer X6; six hits offer X44; seven hits offer X326; eight hits offer X4700; and nine hits offer X10000.

Super Way Keno’s maximum payout is $19585.00.

Super Way Keno has basic software whose (“quick pick” and prompts aside) only other notable icon is the three-way “speed >>>”—normal, fast, and superfast modes—below the on/off classic sound and chink sound effect. The desktop version may not load and the ensuing click-baits are discouraging tricks to upgrade from basic to the developer’s premium silver, gold and pro plans.

Luck in Super Way Keno

A game of luck, Super Way Keno’s average RTP rate is 94.0012% and its house edge is 5.9988%.

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