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Microgaming Keno

Microgaming Keno is a Keno game developed by the powerhouse software company Microgaming and available to play at Luxury Casino (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead..

Like other versions of Online Keno, Microgaming Keno follows the same guide lines and rules. The center of the screen is the Keno board where you select your numbers and where the winning numbers are randomly drawn. To the left of the Keno board is the Paytable, which shows you how many numbers you have played and the payouts based on how many numbers you hit. At the bottom of the Keno board is where you can select your wager, undo your last move, clear your bet and begin the game by pressing the Play button.


To find Microgaming Keno at Luxury Casino (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead. you will need to first download the free Casino software. After the quick download you will now need to register an account which is free, quick and easy. After you have created an account be sure to take advantage of the bonuses that they offer for new players. The bonuses ar always changing and they have different options available so be sure to choose the one that will benefit your style of gaming best.

Now to find Microgaming Keno this is an easy process despite the incredible number of games available for you to play. Once you open the Casino you will be taken to the main screen. From the main screen you will be looking for the “Games” icon which is the first option listed along the bottom of the screen. From there the games are broken down into categories based on the type of game. Microgaming Keno is listed under the “Variety Games” category so select that. Now all of the Variety Games available at Luxury Casino are now listed and you can locate Keno in one of two ways; you can scroll through the list which is listed alphabetically or you can use the search bar which is at the top right of the screen. The icon for Keno is a close up picture of t a keno board where only 9 numbers are visible.

To play Microgaming Keno your first step is to determine how much you are going to bet. You can bet $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00. Next you will need to choose the numbers that you are going to play for this round of Keno. The numbers are listed from left to right from 1 – 80 and you can select 1 – 15 numbers. After you have decided how many numbers you are willing to play you will now be selecting the Play button to begin the round.

20 numbers will be randomly drawn and listed on the Keno board where you made your selections. The drawn numbers will change colour on the Keno board once they have been drawn and any matches that you have made will change colour also which makes it very easy to follow along with.
After the 20 numbers have been drawn you will win based on the amount of numbers you originally played and how many of them you matched. Thanks to the Paytable being conveniently located right beside the game board you can tell quickly and easily how much you have won.

Microgaming Keno is a great Keno game that runs flawlessly thanks to Microgaming Software’s experience in the Online Casino industry. They know how to make games that run perfectly each and every time you play them. Although this version doesn’t have as many bells and whistles of some of the other versions of Keno out there it does have all the basics and everything you need to have a nice quick game of Keno.

So head on over to Luxury Casino (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead. and give it a try.

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